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Poetry Commission


25 per package Virtual OK

I will write you a poem about a person or subject of your choosing. I will take the time to discuss the person or subject matter, at length, to ensure a detailed and personal piece. I will own the copyright, but you will be licensed to use the poetry however you choose. I ask only for a writing credt if duplicated/used in publication.

Training & Qualifications

I am a published poet and songwriter. Allow me to reiterate that I will illiterate, commiserate, illustrate your idea for maximum impact.

Availability & Preferences

Evenings after 5pm EST

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Jessica

May 12, 2018
Jessica was a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!
Cheryle provided unit of Autumn Roasted Veggies~recipe for Jessica
Apr 03, 2018
Jessica is friendly and quick to respond. Thank you!
Matthew provided session of 30 Minute Virtual Tarot Reading for Jessica
Jan 04, 2017
Jessica shines like a beacon! She has a heart that's at least two sizes larger than normal and it powers her to give, give, give. It was an honor to w...ork with her. Completely more
Ayako provided session of Oracle Card Readings for Jessica
Jan 03, 2017
Always happy to help share positive messages. Jessica is friendly and communicates timely & directly.
Lettie received Help with Wish My Dad Happy Birthday from Jessica
Jan 03, 2017
Thank you! My dad loves mail.
Laura provided unit of Distance Reiki Healing for Jessica
Jan 03, 2017
Jessica is very thoughtful and maintains great contact. She provided information as I needed it without any hesitation and was a pleasure to work with.... I really enjoyed her flexibility and gratitude throughout the process of providing services to her. show more
Chandra provided unit of One hour of genealogical research for Jessica
Jan 01, 2017
I've emailed you the third report. I hope you enjoy. :-)
Michael received Help with Tell me your secret from Jessica
Dec 31, 2016
This information is classified.
Chandra provided unit of One hour of genealogical research for Jessica
Dec 30, 2016
Chandra provided unit of One hour of genealogical research for Jessica
Dec 30, 2016
I emailed your report to you. Please feel free to message or email me with any questions. :-)


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

Jessica's other services

Lyric/Melody Writing for Your Track
What a lovely concept, this Simbi, of sharing and building our talents!

Lyric/Melody Writing for Your Track

Commercial & Residential Cleaning
What a lovely concept, this Simbi, of sharing and building our talents!

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Jessica's requests

Jessica is requesting
Salon Services in Cleveland, OH
Love trading with local talent! Looking to trade professional cleaning service, for commercial or residential space, in or around Cleveland, for salon services. Hair cut/color, manicure/pedicure, e...

What a lovely concept, this Simbi, of sharing and building our talents!

About Jessica Lynne

Greetings! I am a 31-year-old poet, singer, spiritualist from Cleveland, OH. I own a small cleaning business that's starting to take off and I absolutely love trading professional cleaning service...s with local talent! My staff go the extra mile to exceed expectation and offer a chemical-free and deep clean. I'm interested in trading for marketing services, legal/tax/business council, beauty services, car repair, and am open to any reasonable trade. :) As for me, I love language and nuance, pioneering perspectives, communing with others and making the most of life. Being a big believer in accountability for our reality, I strive to espouse a message of self-empowerment and responsibility to others, by prioritizing love in my relationships and decision-making. Want others to have integrity? Be the example! :) Part of accountability is being mindful of thoughts and choosing words wisely. I love having honest, open, positive interactions! Having a background in marketing, journalism, and the study of ancient religions, I know that words are a powerful tool of manifestation. "Spelling" is labeled as such because we literally cast "spells" by our choosing of words. I'm a big lover of music and sound. By putting words to music and creating unique vibrations, we double the magic! Have you ever felt transcendent or hypnotized while listening to music? Singing and music is the communication of our immortal soul. Sing me a song and I will show you your soul. Thanks for reading my long-winded rant! I'd love to hear a bunch about you, so shoot me a line (or 90). Cheers! " All too often, goodness is taken for weakness. That's sad. It's hard to be a human being, very hard, but altogether possible. And you don't have to stand on your hind legs to do it. Not at all. I believe that. "-Ruben Gallego " I believe in the potential of people. I cannot rest passively with those who give up in the name of "human nature". Human nature is only animal nature if it is obliged to remain static. Without growth, without metamorphosis, there is no godhead. If we believe that a man can never achieve a society without wars, then we are condemned to wars forever. This is the easy way. But the laborious, loving way, the way of dignity and divinity, presupposes a belief in the people and in their capacity to change, grow, communicate, and love." -Leonard Bernsteinshow more

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