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Need friendly pup advice or help?


10 per session Virtual OK

I am an experienced puppy raiser from guiding eyes and learned a lot during that time. I am currently a puppy sitter and know exactly how to get puppy parents through the tough times. If you're not desperate moment please reach out and talk to me.

Training & Qualifications

Puppy training certification
Experienced dog sitter of 3 years
Sympathy and compassion is how you will be receivied. Stressful situations are difficult and no matter your decision I will help guide you to do make the best decisions for you and your pup.

Availability & Preferences

Always free for Conversation

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

Jessica's other services

Comfortable Canines Dog Sitting
I absolutely love the idea of this app, it takes out the middle man and make exchanging goods and services much easier. I would prefer to trade my services for another, it just makes sense that way 😊

Comfortable Canines Dog Sitting

About Jessica Stottlar

Hello, My name is Jess and I am a professional dog sitter and toy maker. I study dog behavior and health daily and am working on becoming a professional dog trainer. I have two pups of my own, three year old Dalmatian and a 6 month Rottie/FoxHound mix who are just lovely. Dogs are four legged family members to me, and I feel the same way about all my other amazing pets. I have a cat and several fish tanks which should include a crayfish betas ( in community tanks), a ghost knife fish, 'Kissing Fish', and a whole bunch of other interesting aquatic species. I am very passionate about the environment and strive to help the current crisis. I absolutely adore the endangered species African wild dogs and if I could I would be there working with them today. I grew up on a farm and have been inspired ever since to care for and love animals like they are family. Not everyone in my blood line shares my philosophy. I grew up cutting and bailing hay by hand and milking goats to help my brothers' seizures. Yes organic goat milk actually helped and after a few weeks STOPPED my brothers seizures and saved his life. No medication combination worked for him but when we took him off it all (countless pills that he couldn't swollow due to how young he was-the seizures started at 10 days old) and he started being bottle fed goat milk his seizures felt like a distant dream. My first dog was actually a goat, her name is Honey and she was amazing. She use to play king of the hill with us and was always extremely gentle when she would fake head butt us to keep the top of the hill 💞I even could walk Honey down the road for walks and hikes in the woods. She grisly was my first dog. I love holistic living and aspire to living the greenest lifestyle possible. I use homemade cleaning products and make use of essential oils to help improve our lives. I love the idea of becoming self sufficient and am working towards that goal. In my life I have been through the unimaginable, I've survived were I thought there was no hope and have learned a lot from these experiences. I would genuinely like to help anyone else going through trouble more

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