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Jereè Black Business & Life Skills


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1 on 1 Coaching

Let's Work Together To Transform Your Life The Way God Purposed You To Live It!

Working with Jeree Black as a life coach is a powerful experience. Your one-on-one coaching sessions with Jeree can allow for an amazing transformation in short period of time. As a life coach she provides guidance and support so that you can create a life filled with less distractions , discomfort and dishonesty and more love, happiness & success.

Jeree' has coached women seeking guidance in every area of life — helping them gain positivity & confidence and the courage they need to create breakthroughs and become unstoppable. Whether you work directly with Jeree' or attend one of her online classes, you will experience firsthand her simple yet strategic method of unfclogging your life and relationships. You’ll be empowered to be more, do better and have the best.

Today, my presence exudes Power. I embrace my unique identity and step into truth with integrity. I ooze femininity because after living outside myself, incongruent with my values, I finally dared to embody my pure essence - unapologetically.
I invite You to join & lead a world movement of Enlightened Women who…
Embrace Emotional Intelligence;
Harness & Celebrate the power of your Feminine Essence;
Relish financial inter-dependence;
Marvel at the magic of motherhood;
Honor their intimate Partner;
Dare to live their authentic truth without masks;
Surrender to the irresistible urge to build a Legacy.

I Love to work with engaging, successful, and inspiring business women who crave more out of life. Female leaders; who have a thirst for authenticity and alignment between the inner and outer world. Women in powerful positions who feel insatiable and realize that there must be a secret to success they have yet to discover. If you have the courage to boldly take action, and yearn to live a limitless and energy rich life… you are already part of the Radiance Groupies who are changing this world.

Coaching & Mentoring
I work with women 1:1 working on

Here’s what I hear the most from the women who come to work with me one-on-one: They’ve worked their buttocks off in their lives to have the great career, maybe the “ideal” family, and everyone around them thinks they have it ALL together. But inside they’re feeling:
that their relationships are not fulfilling.
of feeling the need to measure up and falling into perfectionistic patterns.
because they isolate instead of reaching out for help.
to control the people and circumstances around them and for a guaranteed outcome.
that their inner-critic has a grip on them and tells them they aren’t “enough”.
I totally and 100% understand this
because it’s exactly who i was for much of my life.
I people-pleased, perfected, and performed constantly in order to feel whole. And when it didn’t work, I tried all of those things harder. And thus began the cycle that never ended.
Until I dove deep into my behaviors and inner-work, unlearned that way of being, and re-learned a new way. And yes, it was Daring.
Now, my life is by no means perfect. I still hit hard times. I still find myself in situations that I mentioned above. But, the difference is that I don’t live there anymore. And when I visit, I don’t stay for long.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.