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Climate Change: A Civil Discussion

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1 value - Virtual OK - Posted May 10, 2017

Things are heating up, and it's not just the global average temperature. There is a lot of passion and confusion regarding the topic of climate change. Worry about the next generation, or government control, or who's right. My goal isn't to answer your every question, because who am I but a concerned citizen? No, we need to think for ourselves. We can be thrown every fact, opinion, and solution, but it's up to us to interpret it and decide what we're going to do with that information. My job is to keep this topic in the front of our minds, and maybe be an outlet for doubts and anxieties. Here's what I can do:

- Debate: We can have a respectful and intelligent discussion on the matter.

- Offer resources: I believe everyone should make informed decisions. And that requires having all the facts. I can suggest resources on where you can learn more.

- Questions: I may not have all the answers, but the point is to have problems where we can work towards a solution. Unfortunately, not everything's a Google search away, some things need to be thought long and hard about.

- Brainstorm solutions: Unsure in how to make a difference? Feel like we could never do enough? Talk to me. Don't bottle it up or dismiss it. Don't let fear freeze you in indecision. We need to hold each other accountable.

There's this book that I do suggest, it's called What's the Worst That can Happen? A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate by Greg Craven. I like how he encouraged people to think for themselves on the issue. To research and check your sources, and make your own opinion in climate change and what to do about it. I think a lot of people are worried their rights will be taken away from them in effort to mitigate climate change, but I don't think it necessarily has to be that way if people got the chance to seriously think about where this world is heading and what they want to leave for their children. And here's your chance.

I prefer talking through messaging because I'd have more time to think about what I'm going to say.

Training & Qualifications

Mostly, I'm just a concerned citizen. I have:
- Spent a day last year researching the record temperature of February 2016
- Spent a day last year taking climate science quizzes on NASA's website (, and learning more all the while- there were 15 quizzes in all
- Read two graphic novels on climate change, Climate Changed: A Personal Journey through the Science by Philippe Squarzoni and The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change by Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein.
- Started (but not finished) a course called UQx: Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial though EdX

Availability & Preferences

Not Tuesdays

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Inactive User received session of Climate Change: A Civil Discussion from Hayley
Apr 15, 2018
Hayley is a very helpful person. She shared with me her contributions to the environment and I'd like to thank her for her efforts. Thanks so much Hay...ley! :)show more
Martin received unit of Vent Here from Hayley
Feb 09, 2019
Great venting :D
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Dec 28, 2018
Hayley is a great writer from the heart. I wanted an honest writing and she got it great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Akrid provided session of Viral Boost! for Hayley
Dec 25, 2018
Lovely person and very patient with me. I would love to work with her again
Ian provided session of Q&A: High-functioning Schizophrenic for Hayley
Dec 22, 2018
Hayley was a pleasure to chat with. :)
Pasha provided session of 15 Min. Marketing Consult (Limit 1) for Hayley
Dec 12, 2018
Hayley was a joy to speak to. I like how she recapped everything I told her to make sure that she got it right. You rock Hayley!
Nov 27, 2018
She provided a bunch of really great ideas, was patient and very helpful! A wealth of good info!
Emily provided unit of Learn About Asexuality! for Hayley
Nov 22, 2018
I wish nothing but the best for Hayley!
Barry received unit of Vent Here from Hayley
Jun 29, 2018
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Apr 18, 2018
Hayley is very friendly and open about herself. I truly appreciate hearing more about her. I hope these can help! :)


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Hello, I'm Hayley. I'd say I'm a bit of an autodidact. I'm having a hard time finding word to describe myself. Do I say who I am now? Even if it's a temporal state? Do I say who I was, or who I've bee...n, even if that's not who I am today? Do I say who I want to be, or could be? Even if it's what I may never be? Who's opinion matters? My own or other people's on who I am? I've had people describe me as a sweet and understanding. I've had experience working outside. In the past, I've enjoyed camping and hiking. I used to be able to identify many native plants in Northwest Washington (excluding the trees) and know if they're edible. Now I spend a lot of time inside, on the computer, and don't exercise nearly enough as I should. But is that my permanent state? I don't think so. Currently, I'm taking online courses. I'm learning a couple languages, a programming language, bioinformatics, and about climate change. But will I follow those through? Time will tell. I was unschooled until the age of ten, but my heart never stopped being an unschooler. I go to the library a lot, and journal relatively frequently. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time reflecting. I was was very interested in animals as a kid, and often kept a pet. I dreamed of having a job with animals. When I was very young, I wanted to be a zoo keeper, when I got older, I wanted to be a zoologist. During my teens, I became very interested in abnormal psychology. Now, my interests are shifting again. show more

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