Public Groups

Small Business

Supportive community to help small businesses through advice and providing specific services to catalyze growth.

Freelancers Unite

This is a group for the everyday freelancer. Let's unite with each other and share our gigs with everyone.


Get advice from fellow Intuitives, Light Workers, and Psychics.

Writer's Club

A place for writers and editors to share tips & tricks, and those connecting with those that want them.


For those of us who make and sell artistic physical items

Earth Nation

We are a global network of change agents, activists, and lightworkers creating paradise on planet earth.

Physical Barter PDX

Group for physical barters such as massages or photography. Not for talk services, like advice or consultation.


This group is for musical and sound artists looking to trade and share related talents/skills.

Parents Club

Meet other parents and trade services that help our community raise kids.

Pet Owners

Meet and connect with other local pet owners to trade services & advice.

Mental Health

A platform to discuss and improve mental health.

Language Learners

A group for those interested in learning, mastering or teaching a language or many languages.