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Your Raw and/or Vegan Meals


10 for fulfilling my request - - Posted Mar 12, 2018

I'm not really sure how to describe in the best way why this is something I feel might help me get over this hump, but, here goes.

I recognize I am struggling with a self diagnosed eating disorder, and suffering with the repercussions of overspending on junk food "meals." I am trying to retrain my taste buds but also not be so strict with myself that I can't enjoy anything, so I figured making connections and building strength through someone else's positive meals would be a decent way of distracting me through this month and maybe into the next, so I can regain SOME ground from the financial trouble this habit has caused me.

I took out literally my last available credit on a card so that I could buy a decent bag of CAT food, and ironically I myself am living off a supply of tuna fish despite desperately needing a palate cleanse. There has to be a silver lining.

A few months ago i came off of a depression medication and have dedinitely been dragging myself through life ever since. Fostering my interests in an affordable way, trying to get out of bed to work (and failing,) cavities, deterioration of my cat's health, and just trying to stay on good sleeping, health habits etc. have just been unmanageable, and my finances are in the hole.

I am clinging, and am on an upswing of not having binged on any junk in a few days.

Today I spent money I reallly don't "have" (that, for instance needs to go to car insurance COLLECTIONS) on something POSITIVE! 3.15 lbs of prepared food from #wholefoods for $8 plus 2/$6 Kombuchas! Their #meatlessmonday deal. Realistically I can't keep up with that either, but I am proud of refraining from junk.

I joined a superfoods team and have been trying to transition that into a means of new income, but that takes time, and my mindset isn't completely there. I've been lacking the therapy I really need because I'm so slow with the medical application process...

There's this fire inside me to cling to life and heal from the inside out I can just feel it, but I can't pretend that I don't need help and damn it is hard to ask.
I have 200 Simbi at the moment. If i divide that by 20, that means I can provide 10 Simbi in exchange for each meal. And maybe even a song as well. Idk. I'm obviously horrible at coming up with set systems of conservation and patience following through with them but I'm at least brainstorming.

I could probably ask my friends, but I'd also like to feel like this is a compromise I can make and earn myself, and maybe that will help my new habits stick better than just taking a hand from people who would go over the top to provide quick fixes for me. I don't believe in a quick fix.

P.S. if any of the friends i've invited to just check out my profile in hopes that you join Simbi are reading this, please don't reach out to me personally and give me more than I am asking for, consider participating through this platform. Thanks for the support.

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Inactive User
Inactive User provided unit of Plant Identification for Gina
May 10, 2018
Gina is a joy to work with!
Inactive User
Inactive User received unit of Flowart - Song Cover On The Spot from Gina
Apr 29, 2018
First off, I’ve never met Gina, but I can tell from our trade she is very special and extremely talented and passionate about her music and life. I... was confused about the end date of our deal, and thought she missed her recording, but my goodness, she came through with a magnificent performance on video of her rendition of my song of choice. I was absolutely amazed by her performance, her originality, her talent, and her sweet voice. She is an amazing communicator and very intuitive and thoughtful in her dialogue. I would highly recommend her service. A+++++ So much gratitude for what she sent me. Thank you Gina! show more
Inactive User
Inactive User provided package of Raw Vegan Ice Cream for Gina
Mar 13, 2018
Thank you
Katherine provided unit of Quick & Easy Writer's Block Buster for Gina
Mar 12, 2018
Prompt, friendly response. Would gladly trade again. Good luck with your endeavors!
Harrison received Help with Person to record a book from Gina
Dec 22, 2017
Nov 24, 2017
Underfill to work with


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Flowart - Song Cover On The Spot
I want us all to do better+caring for myself feels empty sometimes. I believe it possible to fertilize your own garden AND the next guys'! This platform, to me, is a positively aggressive reminder ...

Flowart - Song Cover On The Spot

Paint or art your dead loved one
I want us all to do better+caring for myself feels empty sometimes. I believe it possible to fertilize your own garden AND the next guys'! This platform, to me, is a positively aggressive reminder ...

Paint or art your dead loved one

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Gina is requesting
iPod repair
I'm looking for someone to repair my old iPod.

I want us all to do better+caring for myself feels empty sometimes. I believe it possible to fertilize your own garden AND the next guys'! This platform, to me, is a positively aggressive reminder ...

About Gina Saltarelli

I think one of the most naive misconceptions people have is that asking for help is indicative of merley being "used." It makes me sad to see people fighting over this concept, that helping and ...doing work for people is like slave labor or something....... i believe we need to let go of assuming "they don't care about me." Sharing knowledge, and helping others along in this weird world we've been left to navigate is a big part of life itself, i believe..... Think about it like this: we complain and we complain that we have no time to actually spend with loved ones. We also complain that so and so only reaches out when they need something. Think about that juxtaposition for a moment. Consider this. If we gsve up a little of our farting around time, and spent it making contributions to the people we care about in this life, heck, MADE THE RANDOM TASKS WE HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS, IDK, FUN? Then maybe we could alleviate feeling used? How come we can't consider that doing things as a team can be a form of fun, even if it's task-related? I mean I get that we all just wanna hang out, but I mean, I don't wanna actually spend all ,y energy just farting around! I wanna do things. I wanna share my experience with you and while we are working, learn about what gave you your expertise in exchange, because I care. I really hurts my feelings that my own loved ones feel hurt by this concept, and some of my friends have dumped me. I am practicing letting thqt go, but in the mean time.... i can only implore that the people in my life NOW can take an interest in this way of exploring individuals and exploring the way we use the time that we are given today. Stop being mean. Stop being offended. Just share love and be understanding about the weird, shook up concept of TIME. and WORK. And BEING USED. Just depends on how the interactions are handled and if they means something to you. I can't convince anybody that the small thin s mean much more than "being used" but everybody's a critic. Let's get positive here and forgive ourselves and others for things we haven't asked the right questions about! Let's be kind to to everyone and fan our flames! "The community wants to get to know you!" - I'd like to get to know me too. ..Kinda why I'm using the site. Way I currently see it is, you know a person by their actions.. so the things I'm compelled to do here is a means of both refining and exploring that. These transactions are really just an extension of our confidence. Fear and confidence can teach you a whole lot; and the willingness to reach our necks out like giraffe's for what we are fighting this life for is how we will continually know ourselves and others. I like this platform because it's sort of a concrete way of checking in with myself to be sure I'm using my energy more

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