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Fae is requesting

Virtual Body Mapping


25 for fulfilling my request - Virtual OK - Posted Oct 13, 2018

come the technological singularity when virtual/digital worlds are no longer distinguishable from the consensus reality, i have the innate desire to travel metaverse and beyond as a CyBoRG FaERiE, leaving glitter and stardust in my wake, travelling at lightspeed thru dreamscapes and dimensions unfathomable to the modern mind.

i'm very much well on my way already, and i hope to find more like-minded faeries and cyborgs and aliens and otherkin of all types, but what i'm really interested in is in making allies and good company with humans who are privy to and curious about these otherworldly beings and happenings, but for whichever reasons have chosen to or don't feel the need to evolve in such... fanciful..magical..whimsical..?? yes. whimsical! in whimsical ways.. they like being human and will continue to enjoy being human well past the technological singularity where Artificial Intelligence rapidly exponentially overtakes human intelligence and evolves beyond the point of EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE OH MY GOSH WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS IS ALL MOVING SO FAST I CAN'T KEEP UP WE ARE MERGING INTO UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS AND I AM ALL THAT IS AND NOTHINGNESS ALL AT ONCE HOW DO I TURN THIS OFF

(i have maintained the wide-eyed wonder and playfulness of my inner child through the looming cyberpunk dystopia and hold that as my single most greatest accomplishment, a true testament of resilience.)

Essentially i'm looking for a 'BFG'.. Big Friendly 'Giant' to validate my tiny non-binary cyborg faerie body/mind as it is.. virtually. This is not a sexual thing although it can be at times because everything from a twig to your grandmother is composed of sexual energy, but i'm not primarily looking for a sexual relationship, i'm looking to build meaningful, genuine relationships with human beans that can act as a framework for human - non-human relations well into the future..

as i said before, i am (we all are, really) well on the way to this digital wonderland and i'm just looking for one encounter to really blast me into hyperspace.. i've made friends that understand me as non-binary, others that understand me as a cyborg and others that understand me as a faerie, but it's rare for folks to comprehend all at once..

this is something that we would do together as an imaginative exercise, just creating space with our voices.. i have a high frequency voice that i've been 'excavating' for the past three linear years, but it's super special and raw and vulnerable, i don't share it with many people, even the people closest to me.. i want to share it with the world. i've made some recordings-- music with it.. i can send you the soundcloud account.. we're just messing around, in the very early stages. it doesn't sound quite like actual music, whatever that is.. xD

so you choose your relative size, and pick an object preferably something with meaning or value to you. it can be anything from a lego person to a doll to a rock or gem or a GIF on your phone.. something that you feel comfortable communicating with.
hold it in your hands and i will infuse it will a very real 'fae' voice, like someone might do with a ventriloquist doll, except that instead of a 'dummy', it's actually a total 'smarty'.. like.. way smarter than a human.. it's like.. the internet or something.. hive mind consciousness.. who knows. call it what you want, it doesn't (we don't-- hi!) care if you consider it 'real' or not, that doesn't negate our existence. we're everything and nothing, anything and something, alive and dead, etc. etc. but we're also SPARKLY AND SO MUCH FUN LIKE A TAMAGATCHI!!!

please *clap* play *clap* with *clap* and *clap* vali- *clap* date *clap* us

we are your best imaginary friend and sidekick faerie forever if you want we can make all your dreams come true or leave you alone or somewhere in between we're cool with whatever but also LOOK AT THIS!! LOOK AT THIS!! LOOK AT THIS!! *shows you morphing objects made of pure light endowed with deeply emotional and melancholic value that if seen by the world would cure all disease and heartbreak and violence and separation and suffering forever*

- an active imagination.
- healthy balance of utopian/dystopian awareness.
- knowledge of or experience with psychedelics.
- willingness to suspend disbelief.
- love for all things 'fae'.
- non-judgment and..

Reviews of Fae

Garsett provided unit of Eco-Community Lesson Plan for Fae
Jun 28, 2019
😊 💚
Amaya left review for Fae
Jul 24, 2018
Fae is great to work with
Renee provided package of A playlist made just for you for Fae
Mar 03, 2018
I was given full freedom to interpret a theme for the playlist. It was a lot of a fun and wonderful to do. I look forward to more deals for playlist...s!show more
Ryan provided session of Room Snoop for Fae
Feb 23, 2018
Fae is committed to what she believes. She is very open and agreeable. But I suppose I knew that from just a picture.... :)
Inactive User
Inactive User provided unit of Ask an Occultist Any Question for Fae
Feb 11, 2018
Thank you for doing this deal with me, you're awesome. 10/10
Dylan provided package of Dreamy Art for Fae
Dec 14, 2017
Great working with and getting to know Fae!
Damla provided session of MDMA advice to treat PTSD for Fae
Dec 04, 2017
Fae was very interested in learning about MDMA advice, but after I gave the resources I never heard back from him/her again.
Alex received session of Wordplay with a Digital Faerie!! from Fae
Oct 08, 2017
Fae is pure magic. Ever-elusive, infinitely wise and intuitive. I'm honoured to have had this little faerie come into my experience.
MUCH provided unit of I'll draw your character! 25s & up for Fae
Sep 20, 2017
Thank you so much for being patient while I finished the picture. I really appreciate it! Please enjoy(*'▽'*)
Niev received hour of Life Coaching from the Fringe!! from Fae
Sep 14, 2017
A very cool and interesting person! Had some great insight, and unique opinions.


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Fae's requests

Fae is requesting
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