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Metro-Atlanta Meal Mate


25 per visit

Do you enjoy dining out, but often find yourself solo at the bar or alone in the booth?
Are you interested in the local Atlanta menu, but don't know where to go?

Allow me to guide you and accompany you at one of Metro Atlanta's many marvelous restaurants! I'm a great conversationalist , and I love exploring locally owned dining places. I'm also not that bad to look at, (but I am taken, so this will be platonic). The locations range from Kennesaw to Lithonia, Lawrenceville to Newnan, and Douglasville to Snellville. I am pescatarian and lenient toward organic foods, but I have been this way for two years and managed to figure out how to handle eating from an omnivorous menu. Even Five Guys. The time ranges from breakfast to dinner.

We will first chit-chat online via video to break the ice, then we'll meet in the lobby of the restaurant of your choice (or of my selection if you prefer to be surprised) and simply enjoy our meal together rather than alone. I know I've had my share of experiences bringing a book or a charged phone to a restaurant because I really wanted to eat there, but didn't have anyone to invite at the time. If you'd like someone else to accompany us, I'll just need an online personality evaluation from you to decide which of my friends would best suit our affair, but like I said, I've had my share of dining alone, so finding another person is not guaranteed.

Exchanges range from simbi, you paying for the entree (while I pay for my drink, appetizer, or dessert if one is added), or us exchanging a service.

Training & Qualifications

I love local restaurants, so I've explored many of them all around Metro Atlanta. I love conversations with people known and unknown, so awkward silences are not prone to occur (unless it's considered awkward to become focused on my meal since it's so delicious!)

Have you noticed I love alliteration?

Availability & Preferences


Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Dionna D

May 01, 2017
Sara provided Help with A messy room for Dionna D
Apr 05, 2017
I had such a fun time chatting with Dionna as she started decluttering her space :) I hope my minimalist background was helpful with your questions on... what to keep and what isn't necessary anymore! :) show more
Kathy provided package of Essay editing for Dionna D
Mar 26, 2017
Such a lovely woman! She was easy to work with and appreciated my help.
Katie-Laine provided package of Proofreading up to 750 words for Dionna D
Mar 12, 2017
Dionna was great - a pleasure to work with!
Sandra received unit of Back Massage delivery! from Dionna D
Mar 12, 2017
Donna was a pleasure to work with. She choose a wonderful piece of music to learn and did well with the tips and improvements I suggested. Look forwar...d to working with her again. She also is a fantastic masseuse. Thoroughly enjoyed my massage!show more
Philip provided unit of Proofread essays and applications for Dionna D
Mar 09, 2017
Fast response and very personable
Alejandro received unit of French conversation? Mais oui! from Dionna D
Mar 09, 2017
It was awesome! She's so sweet and corrected the parts that I was messing up! Can't wait for a second session!
Melvin provided hour of AMA : Ask a professional hypnotist for Dionna D
Feb 21, 2017
What a great person! Sorry we could not get together in person!
Bonnie provided Help with Patching & Stitching? for Dionna D
Feb 16, 2017
Kaisa provided package of Meal Planning for Dionna D
Feb 05, 2017
Dionna was a joy to interact with! She was clear, descriptive, and kind! I look forward to doing more deals with folks just like Dionna.


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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Metro-Atlanta dog-runner!

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I LOVE BARTERING! I would rather exchange services than currency.

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Dionna D's requests

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I LOVE BARTERING! I would rather exchange services than currency.
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Dreamcast Session!
I miss playing Dreamcast! Ready 2 Rumble, Speed Devils, House of the Dead 2, Tokyo Drift are most of the games I remember and miss. I'd watch someone play Shenmue. I didn't get to finish it because...

I LOVE BARTERING! I would rather exchange services than currency.

About Dionna D Davis

I'm an actress and stage manager born and raised in Georgia, and a vegetarian yogi who loves helping and connecting people to who and what they're looking for. I'm also a Twitch streamer and property... manager. I'm an aspiring minimalist, masseuse & Bed n Breakfast owner. I love to drive my Prius, recycle, and compost kitchen waste. I want to manage a garden some day. My middle name was probably supposed to be Dabbler. I have an interest in nearly everything, which is why I love acting; it's a profession in which one is expected to know how to do a lot of things and us permitted to study it intensely to accurately portray the lifestyle of someone who is a lover of such a subject. I went to school for French & Theatre. I was French club President. I wear my hair naturally which is a big thing for black women but not any other race apparently. I can sing and dance, performance style and ballroom style (casually). I love spelling and reading. If I were in the Divergent world, I'd be a divergent hiding in either the Abnegation world or that colorful hippie one. If I were in Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat would bite me for being so difficult. I would love to try a society of clear and concise factions though. show more

Open to other proposals
Dionna D Davis is looking for:
  • Gaming
  • Makeup
  • Hair styling
  • Food
  • Home
  • Life Coaching
  • Healing Arts
  • Wellness
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Tailoring & Sewing