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Helping you find your inner peace


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Hello! I’m here to help you realize a profoundly simple but essential fact – that your experence, your whole life, from beginning to end is made out of thought. When you really, not intelectually, but insightfully understand this fact, it turns everything you ever thought you knew upside down and triggers a deep inner transformation. You wake up…

It’s a relaxed Skype/Whatsapp conversation between a mentor and a client or a group of clients. During this conversation, because of the specific way in which it is done, a shift in perspective can occur. This shift is not another mental construction or a replacement of one belief for another, it doesn’t happen on the intellectual level, but on a deeper level and therefore makes a real life change.

Simply put, it is seeing more truth. Habitual thought patterns that prevented the inner potential to emerge to the surface begin to disperse. It often happens through insights. An insight can be a single fresh thought that comes from within, from the place of inner potential, deep life intelligence and instantly disperses personal thought generated “clouds” that create illusion of a problem.

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Training & Qualifications

I’ve been through a lot in my life and I see that the wisdom can only be uncovered through experience, mostly through live crises, that is, suffering. That is why I like to work with people that are in the middle of a crisis, I know they are the ones who are ready and ripe for the real change.

So, if you are in the middle of a crisis, I know what that is, been there myself, I understand perfectly well and what I do is help you to see insightfully in which way your mind is creating an idea of a problem out of thin air. Simply, I help you see that all that’s troubling you isn’t real.

I experienced this deep life transformation through a very short contact with the understanding, an “unintentional” 5-minute conversation which triggered a period of two months of deep insights into the nature of reality and a state of feeling constant divine bliss, universal unconditional love.

This shift happened in the beginning of 2013 and it changed, on the fundamental level, the way I see everything. After this experience, nothing else made sense for me but to share the understanding forward so by the end of the year I started sharing the Understanding professionally.

And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since, sharing it in many different forms. I wrote countless articles, held over 150 seminars, webinars and courses, helped hundreds of people experience this shift through individual and group sessions. And I love it, enjoy every step of the way and just simply follow my inspiration.

For me it is the best job in the world, helping people awaken and uncover more and more potential that was previously hidden, discover ever grander version of their life and of what is possible.

I’m a regular guy that just uncovered a bit more truth about life, human experience and what we really are so I never talk from a perspective of a guru or a therapist, but from a perspective of a friend.

I never give advices or tell people what to do in any situation, instead I help them find their own clarity and wisdom from which they see that they have all the answers in themselves already.

Sharing the understanding is a simple and relaxed friendly conversation with someone who will deeply understand you and your experience, maybe more deeply than anyone else, or even yourself.

We don’t analyze you or create projects to try to change you, we just point to the permanent unconditional underlying truth within yourself and when you see it, that’s what sets you free.

We can talk about anything and everything or at moments keep silent, but whatever the subject is, through this conversation, I’m pointing you to seeing the oneness, one presence underneath it all and also from this place to seeing clearly how your mind is creating 100% of your “reality”, that is to see that our personal reality, our personal world is a mind made illusion.

Welcome to the understanding!

Availability & Preferences

Any day between 10am and 7 pm, central European time.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.