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Intensive Relationship Advice


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Have you ever been, or are you currently, in a relationship with an alcoholic, drug addict, or cheater?
Are you happy in your relationship, but wish you were more sexually attracted to your partner, or they to you?
Have you been in a relationship with someone who was questioning their sexuality?
Have you cheated on one or more persons?
Have you just grown bored with your partner, or specific aspects of your relationship, like sex?
Have you ever been obsessed, or had chronic dreams about, someone who you've either never talked to or who has refused your advances?
Has a "bad reputation" ever destroyed your chances of being with someone you have a crush on?
Have you ever had a significant other whom you really weren't very interested in, but they were "better than nothing?"
Have you ever known you were being betrayed, but went ahead and dealt with it because you were so sexually attracted to the other person?
Has a threesome, or group sex, ever ruined a relationship for you or made you feel bad for any reason?
Have you ever been sexually used by someone you had a severe crush on, only to be cast aside right after?
Have you been left alone by your partner for significant amounts of time due to any reason? What was/were the reason(s)?
Have you ever been with anyone who has been officially or presumed to have mental health issues, such as ADHD, OCD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Psychosis?
Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with anyone with a physical handicap?
Have you ever been with anyone with anger or risk assessment issues and did they ever act violently towards you, either physically or emotionally?
Have you ever been with someone who you loved very much but felt the age gap between you was impossible to close?
Have you ever been dumped by your best friend?
Have your partner's or your friends or family's opinions ever gotten in the way of your relationship?
Have you ever been very attracted to someone, but were so turned off by their taste in music that you had to break it off?


I've been through all the above, many times more than once. I FEEL YOUR PAIN, and I will listen to your woes and give you the most sound advice I can offer based on a vast array of experiences over the past thirty-five years.


Let's get through your suffering together. Let's find that safe space where you're back to happy, where no one can rain on your parade! Let's end the frustration, anger, anxiety, and depression of the seemingly answerless problems in your relationship!


Time to let YOUR light SHINE! Once you've run dry of your ranting and aching and tears, we will logically, but with emotional tenderness, put together an organized plan for you to start heading in the right direction for yourself and your relationship. We will ascertain what's fixable and what's not. We will set goals that you will be able to easily achieve, that will make it crystal clear that you're headed in the right direction. No more questioning, no more frustrations, no more wits end!

Training & Qualifications

I've been through all the above, many times more than once. I FEEL YOUR PAIN, and I will listen to your woes and give you the most sound advice I can offer based on a vast array of experiences over the past thirty-five years.

I come from a long line of Protestants who came to this country to escape war and tyranny for their beliefs several hundred years ago. My fifth great-grandfather was a gospel preacher on the Oregon trail, landing out West in 1853. Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers were ministers of the Christian church, Disciples of Christ, and my dad was also a minister, chaplain, and counselor.

Love was their message, and they truly practiced what they preached. I really couldn't have come from a more loving family. Because I was lucky enough to have been so fortunate to be raised with such emotional support, I feel so blessed and absolutely invested in spreading the love vibes to everyone else.

I have chosen not to identify as "Christian," and though my Dad did take me through the ideas of baptism, it was not required in my church, so I was never baptized into the Christian church. I believe in all of the values of Jesus Christ's words in the Bible, but they are not the only messages I see as valuable, as the world is such a vast place with so many various cultures with their own fascinating and brilliant philosophies and beliefs that focus on doing good and being a loving human being, too. I cannot praise Jesus, alone, and don't even believe he would want me to, since he was so humble.

So, I'm open to all different religious backgrounds and ideologies. I hope that enables me to connect with more people. I love you all so much. The most brilliant and sparkling blessings to you all...

Availability & Preferences

9-3, 7 days a week

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Dana

Oct 26, 2016
Dana gave me clear guidance and helped me know how to get out of the dumps. She is very talented and was spot on with her channeling. She clearly reco...gnized my vibrations. I would definitely recommend Dana if you need guidance on your path of more
Oct 23, 2016
Dana is a very pleasant person to talk to Dana started off with a meditation that we both felt really moved negative energy away from my being and ...provided a link to spirit. I felt more energized and just better after the meditation. Dana provided some very helpful Insights and sound advice. Dana reminded me of how important it is not to have doubts when removing negative energy away from ones being because believing really is everything. I would highly recommend Dana's healing service. show more


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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Intuition & Incantation Healing

About Dana Haley

"What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses." - Albert Einstein Do you believe we are living in a vibrational universe? Then I want to prove it! I believe our thought waves, and thus our innermost beliefs, have the ability to affect this vibrational "matter." That matter that makes up every part of our being. But, we must truly believe that we are not as "solid" as we appear. We must remember that our eyes are interpreting waves, (or not, because maybe you are blind), and our ears are interpreting waves of sound (or not, because maybe you cannot hear), your vibrational tongue is sensing vibrational ice cream, telling you how it tastes via taste buds sending these signals to our brains, and our skin is interpreting everything it touches or comes into contact with, and it is connecting with those vibrations as it does so. I'm so fascinated by this reality that I get very excited to remind people of their vibrational existence and that they are indeed sorcerers and sorceresses of their lives! I love to spend time with people who are depressed with their current outlook on the world around them. I love to watch them bloom into happiness and excitement about their own journey of prosperity! I yearn for everyone to be reminded on a regular basis of how they are actually existing in this universe beyond what they are currently "tuned in" to. I want to help you all get into a space of complete and total joy, and be able to go back to that space again and again! Having come from a Christian background, I have always been aware of the values of loving one another and being peaceful. However, I've never really been able to "be okay with" all of the controversy that lies within the various Christian denominations and between world religions. I've often thought to myself, "All this fighting is not going to lead to world peace." So, I was an atheist, until I went to Maui and met some fabulous "light beings" and had some very mystical experiences! After living there four years, I was determined to bring the open-hearted mind set I'd found in the islands back to the mainland. Having always been a bit of a scientific person, I was pretty set on atheism and was a bit depressed because of it. Nothing seemed to matter in that point of view. It was all just random and simply didn't matter. I'm so glad now to have experienced the light of the universe, first hand, in a very scientific and easy to understand, logical way, and now I want to share that light with you!!! The only tools you'll need to bring with you are your complete and total honest understanding of the world as you currently know it and your most child-like more

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