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Healing Session


135 per session Virtual OK

I am an experienced Energy Healer and Theta Healing Practitioner. Theta Healing works on the subconscious mind to clear beliefs, emotions, traumas, pattern and limitations. Since I started with Energy Healing in 2011 I have gained a lot of experience in clearing deep traumas, anxiety, curses and much more. We start with some question about the problem like "what", "where", "why ...".
But this is NOT a talking therapy! I actually work on you. The aim of the question is to go deeper beyond your conscious memory and beliefs to find the underlying reason of the problem. Once identified it can be released.

Here are some areas I can support you:
Clear limited Beliefs.
Our beliefs and how we perceive the world create our Reality, beliefs are like a navigator on a ship and determine where we are going.
Emotional Healing
Our emotions drive us. If beliefs navigate us then emotions are our motor. If you experience a trauma in the past and still stuck in that emotion you motor won’t drive anywhere, it will make it difficult to follow your desire. Clearing the trauma and fear is a crucial for a holistic healing
Spiritual Growth
Why did that happened to you? Why always you? What is the lesson? What was the purpose? You don’t want to repeat the drama again, what is here for you to learn? How can you leave that situation empowered in yourself?
Heal inner child
Many adults lost the ability to play during growing up. The inner child is an important aspect to enjoy and have fun in life.
Manifesting becomes easy when all handbrakes are released and any conflicts between you conscious decision and your subconscious programs are cleared.
Physical Healing
Instant physical healing appears like a miracle only Saints can do. However, if the reason for a physical condition has been identified and cleared the physical healing is the last domino effect in the healing process.
We are not alone in this world and relationships are a mirroring us in many different aspects. How we interact with the people around us, family and close friends show how genuine we are.
Empowering Download
Download are a way to teach you aspects you haven’t experience before. If you never experience true happiness, fulfilment, love, contentment and so on, you will follow a crimped version of that quality. The Healer can download you the full range of that quality.
Create Abundance
Abundance is a natural state we have forgot, many aspects play into this one can be your ancestors beliefs and acceptance you can never raise above you social rank.
There are always 2 sides of a coin, by release fears you will get the positive aspects of that, step into your power and walk in confidence.
When all areas in your life are aligned with you true being you experience true fulfilment in life.
This is what clients say about a healing session:
Cloud is a very deep and insightful healer. He quickly gets straight to the root of the issue, and everything that gets uncovered in the healing session is really spot on. As well as feeling energetic shifts in my body during the session, I felt the long lasting changes after addressing specific issues. - Asselle
Thanks Cloud for the healing session on weight loss! I went to the gym the same day and weighed myself before working out and had already lost 3 pounds! The work I did with Cloud helped me clear beliefs about some stubborn weight that I had and why I was holding on to it. I felt much clearer, lighter and overall much better!! Amazing! - Tanya

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.