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“You don’t need money to create value. All you need is a skill, an open heart and a desire to do something different.”

- KJ Erickson (Simbi Founder)

Welcome to the Simbi Chapters Resource Page! Here, you can apply to be a Chapter Captain for your city, download and print promo materials and get advice on hosting a Simbi Swap Meet in your area. We don’t need money to create value!


What is a Local Chapter?

Local Chapters are designed to increase the density and vibrancy of the Simbiotic Economy in a given local area. They are founded and led by a Chapter Captain, and organized around a series of regular offline meetups called Simbi Swap Meets. Local Chapters are a critical part of our mission to spread abundance through cashless trade.  

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Who are Chapter Captains?

Captains are Simbians with a passion for the mission and a commitment to their local living economies. They not only want to see Simbi grow in their local area -- they want to lead the movement. Captains are natural doers who love to help people and make an impact for those around them.


What do I have to do as a Chapter Captain?

As your Local Chapter Captain, you are the figurehead for Simbi in your community. Some activities might include:

  • Host Simbi Swap Meets for Simbians to meet and trade in real life (25)

  • Recruit people to join Simbi using your referral link (25 for each person who joins, and 25 more when they make their 1st deal)

  • Educate and do deals with folks in your local area

  • Build and manage a Facebook page for your Chapter (read our Guide to Chapters on Facebook)

Why start a Simbi Local Chapter?

ABUNDANCE: This is what it’s all about. Spreading the word and hosting events will not only build abundance in the local "Simbiotic" economy by bringing more talents and services into the fold but will also help attendees feel more abundant in their sense of meaning and inspiration.

BELONGING: Humans have an innate need to feel like they belong. Your Local Chapter's Swap Meets will help those who attend feel like a valuable part of a community and a movement.

CONNECTIONS: Relationships are at the heart of every great Simbiotic experience. Your Local Chapter will build connections between people, regardless of their monetary resources.


What is involved in starting a Local Chapter?

Oh yes, thank you for asking! We actually have a handy dandy Local Chapter Launch Guide right here.

Here are few more resources for you:


What else can I expect as a Chapter Captain?


  • Tons of opportunities to earn "" simbi while giving back to the community

  • A Simbi t-shirt and other promotional materials to build awareness

  • The most prestiguous badge on our site:


Ready to get started? 

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