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Magic: the Gathering bookmark


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Custom bookmark crafted from a Magic: the Gathering (MTG) trading card! Show your love of this collectible card game while reading your favorite novel. These bookmarks start as a standard Magic card, and then get a paper clasp attached, with a magnetic closure to grip a page of your book and make sure it won't fall out.

These bookmarks are made-to-order; the photographs are examples, and the card you'll get will likely be different. When ordering, you can pick which type of card you'd like to be featured on your bookmark. Pick from one of the core colors of the Magic: the Gathering game (White, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Multicolored/Gold, Land, or Colorless), or pick a particular type of creature to be featured.

You can also pick based on general card age and frame style. Magic cards have had three main types of card frames over the years:

❖ If you pick the "Vintage Frame" option, you'll get a card from the "Scourge" expansion (2003) or earlier.
❖ If you pick the "8th Edition Frame" option, you'll get a card from the 8th Edition expansion (2003) through the "Conspiracy" expansion (2014).
❖ If you pick the "Modern Frame" option, you'll get a card from the Magic 2015 expansion (2014) or later.

The magnetic clasp can be placed such that the top of the card is flush with the top of you book pages (like the "Kindled Fury" one is in the example photos), or placed such that the title of the card peeks out above top of the book pages (like the "Advent of the Wurm" one does), so you can always show off the awesome card you've got there! Be sure to indicate which style you'd like when ordering.

40 Simbi will get a Common or Uncommon card; if you want a rare, mythic, planeswalker, or foil card, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do, and what additional cost there would be to use that card.

Processing time

I will ship this piece to you within 1-3 business days

Reviews of Brooks

Sharif bought Magic: the Gathering bookmark from Brooks
Jul 10, 2017
Isaac bought Magic: the Gathering bookmark from Brooks
Jan 24, 2017
Very original and well made bookmark. I love magic and I would love to collect these!
River received unit of Design a logo from Brooks
Aug 14, 2017
Brooks helped me make a very cool logo.
Iya bought Magic: the Gathering magnets from Brooks
Jul 31, 2017
Awesome, thank you!
Darrell received unit of Design a logo from Brooks
Jul 25, 2017
Works with you to come up with a logo the meets your companies vision.
Andrew provided hour of Homeschooling and Roleplaying Games for Brooks
Jul 19, 2017
Brooks was enthusiastic and well prepared, having already given the subject a good deal of thought and done some background research. I look forward t...o hearing from him how he implements the ideas we discussed. show more
Marcos received hour of Get Started with Ethereum from Brooks
Jul 17, 2017
Fantastic. Brooks is the first simbi user I've become a repeat customer of.
Emily provided visit of How to hold a Virtual Garage Sale for Brooks
Jul 15, 2017
Great to work with :)
Carlos received hour of Get Started with Ethereum from Brooks
Jul 14, 2017
My deal with Brooks went about as smoothly as a deal can go! He responded promptly to my inquiry regarding investing in blockchain tokens and gave me ...all the information I needed in order to get started and invest! I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing this 100% on my own, so I'm very grateful to have Brooks on Simbi in case I run into any difficulties. If you're ever in doubt, Brooks is your man. :)show more
Cassandra provided unit of Super Cake Recipe- Raspberry for Brooks
Jul 13, 2017
Hope you enjoy the cake!


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