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I can do all sorts of things. I'm an English grad student. So I can help you write or edit or formulate ideas. I can also teach you how to bullshit people. I can also offer advice on interpersonal and intrapersonal issues. I am logical, rational, reasoned, and I can help you pull your head out of your ass or someone else's to take a step back and reevaluate a situation.

But the one thing I'm really good at is analogies. A lot of people struggle with understanding something, understanding why something occurs, or what it's purpose is. And no matter how many times they mull over the words and ideas in a situation they still don't understand it. That's where analogies come in. Using analogies to rework the complicated situation into something you are familiar with helps you better understand the actual issue.

Example: friend of mine was freaking out about the GRE exam. He couldn't understand why he was required to take such a stupid exam to get into graduate school that clearly does not demonstrate his worth or his skills.
I gave him an analogy:

The GRE is designed, like the SAT is, to give a base line. To give every single person applying to grad school some common denominator to "make it fair for everyone". Think of it like a track. The inner lane runners start further back that the outer lane runners, right? Why? Common denominator. That's all the GRE is. Doesn't matter what lane you're in, if you suck at running, you're going to lose. If you're good at running, you'll win. Doesn't matter where you start. What matters is how conditioned and skilled you are going into the race.

He said it made him feel a whole lot better. And reported back to me yesterday after his exam, he scored higher on the actual test than he had on all of his practice exams because he went into the exam thinking "common denominator."

Training & Qualifications

I am human.

I am English teacher.

I am masters of English.

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Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

About Brittany Hersh

I am college English instructor. I have graduate degrees in English. I can bullshit really well. I am more knowledgeable about the human body than most primary care doctors because they're not special...ity trained. I am better than most specialists because they only focus on their one area of specialty. After 12 different doctors and specialists, I figured out on my own that I had a very rare disease and was proven right when tested for it because I see my body as a whole. Everything is always already connected. And most modern medicine doesn't see our body that way. show more

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