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Hey, I'm Aziz!

Brooklyn NY | Member since July 2017

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Running Buddy / Stock Picker,

Running Buddy / Stock Picker,

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Social Media marketing
I'm looking for help growing my Social Media Followers and engagement; its a Music Video App Business.


Diana provided session of business consult focus social media for Aziz
Jul 13, 2017
Katie left review for Aziz
Jul 05, 2017
After talking to Aziz further about what he was expecting decided to cancel the job because did not feel like doing a full time job for essentially a ...plate of pasta..therefore decided it'd be best for us both to cancel as I no longer wanted his services. Aziz, originally responded very good feedback to my advice and asked if I was a musician. He however did not like my feedback regarding his app, Purple Throne in the Apple Store which he compared to sound cloud but was nowhere near the level of sophistication of SoundCloud. Which is understandable given that he is starting and so I said it was still in the draft stage and advised not to heavily market until he made improvements to the user experience, if you click around his app yourself you will see it is still clunky. It's hard to tap out of the video screen once clicked and you are not sure where to go next. It's not very intuitive. I would suggest doing a heat map for where people are trying to click and having a clearer idea of what actions you want the users to make. He had a user survey which I told him was lacking in crucial feedback such as how can this app be improved or what features would you like to see. Which I think is rather specific and not ambiguous advice at all. His user survey can be found at Aziz Bey left in his review that I am not a musician. I however informed him one of my friends was and the genre my friend did music in was not available. When you first open the app, you are asked to select favorite genres, he listed alternative twice instead of alt-rock or alt-folk, he has since changed it rather quickly after receiving my helpful advice. So, I gave him specific advice on how to improve such as adding those two questions to his survey, getting other users to do a focus group to improve the UX, I do UX work which is focused on improving user experience on apps and suggested adding more genres of music, and could not help do marketing as the app was now because even if you did get attention the user experience was lacking and no users would stick. Sorry, but I feel like I wasted my time helping him. He didn't deliver anything to me and left a negative review despite efforts at constructive feedback and advice. I honestly wish we never talked. You can read the book Made To Stick to further learn about how companies create addictive apps. Aziz, will not take kindly to any constructive criticism so has left this review on my page, though has benefited greatly and made some changes necessary. if you welcome constructive criticism and would appreciate another honest viewpoint please contact me on my services. Thank more


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