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Dog Training (virtual or in person)


15 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Sep 26, 2017

I can teach basic commands such as sit, lay down, shake, and roll over. I can also give advice on how to train your dog to do other things like jumping over something or crawling under. I can also teach them to stay, and to place on a selected surface. You can also message me and ask if I know how to teach them a specific thing and if I do I can help. I have delt with stubborn dogs and/or breeds so I'm prepared. (I own a border collie/lab mix, shar pei, BC/lab/shar pie mix, and a Pitbull)

Virtual services are going to be 30 mins for 15 simibi
If you live near me we can also do in person services but that will be 25 Simbi (because that means I would have to leave him xD )

((The dog in the picture is my Pitbull, Luke, he's my pride and joy. He's performing the trick Shake in his Halloween costume.))

Training & Qualifications

I have trained all my dogs myself. I haven't really tried to do anything with my dog training abilities because I never thought anything of it. Dogs usually love me to I find it rather easy to coax them into doing the tricks I want hehe...

FYI!!! I have heard some individuals use rather harsh or abuse actions to teach dogs tricks and rest assured I will not use any of the following: choke collars, prong collars, shock collars, hitting the dog, yelling at the dog, forceably moving the dog.

What I will do: point and speak happily about what I want the dog to do (in my experience they respond better with happy voices and love), pat them or nudge them when need be (to sit mainly), I will use baby talk (this is inevitable, i will baby talk any dog and call them a baby boy a girl, even if the dog is 12 years old lol).

Availability & Preferences

Honestly my boss is a demon and always changes my work schedule to message me and we'll work something out

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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