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Shamanic Practitioner


50 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Jul 13, 2017

I connect with spiritual guides to heal traumas sustained in this life or previous lives. Trauma to ones' spirit ranges from chronic illness, losing a loved one or bullying to more severe traumas such as PTSD, addiction and abuse. Each healing consists of 2 sessions. The total time is 3-5hrs with an initial and follow-up. We discuss things you would like to work on or have trouble with. After we prepare for the ceremony and I do some rattling and play some sort of drumming/meditative music so I can enter the non-ordinary reality meditative state. From there my guides guide me by way of metaphors to assist the healing your being is ready for. I may use stones, feathers, talismans, sage, cedar, grids, oils, music, singing, drums and rattles, or whatever elementals I'm guided to use as tools to help me move energy and best aid in your healing experience. After we discuss your concerns, your job is to just sit or lay back and relax! I make you as comfortable as possible for the meditation and may lightly brush against you on the forearm for a connection at some point, or place stones around you. I try to not do very much contact, and take care of most energy movement within your energy field, which is like an aura surrounding you. After the healing I try to write everything down to share and discuss with you. Usually the healing "shifts" or settles and manifestation occurs 1-3 weeks after the healing. You will need to pay attention to any new feelings or interesting occurrences that cause you to be reminded of the healing. The second session will be to finalize the healing and to adjust accordingly to new emotion or perceptions. Possibly another healing, or maybe a gratitude or closure ceremony will end the session.

Training & Qualifications

I studied with the extremely gifted and fun loving duo Rox and Jim at Sacred Hoop Ministry. Rox studied under Sandra Ingerman- a leading and highly sought after and accomplished modern shaman. I've been journeying for 6+ years and have a strong relationship with my guides. I want to help those who suffer and share the gifts we all have to heal ourselves and others ♡♡♡

Availability & Preferences

By appointment...

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.