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PizzaTits Iron On Embroidered Patch


20 per item plus $5.99 shipping

3.75"x2", Iron-On Backing

PizzaTits®️ Design by HallowedBeThySlice

Checkout my Etsy store for more stuff ;)

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I will ship this item to you within 1-3 business days

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Reviews of Yesenia

Danielle bought PizzaTits Iron On Embroidered Patch from Yesenia
Apr 22, 2017
Yesenia is hilarious. Her care package came with free stickers and a hilariously lude, pizza themed, hand written thank you note! 10/10 would Simbi again!show more
Brian bought PizzaTits Vinyl Sticker 3"x2" from Yesenia
May 04, 2017
Great work and product! A pleasure to work with!
Ashley received package of Custom Embroidery on Towels & Robes from Yesenia
May 04, 2017
Great to work with!!
Lauren provided unit of Fuse Bead Pixel Heart Free Shipping for Yesenia
Apr 23, 2017
Yesenia is a super cool chick, definitely recommend working with her!
Lizzy bought PizzaTits Vinyl Sticker 3"x2" from Yesenia
Apr 21, 2017
Yesenia exceeded my expectations! I love her creative and original style! She is awesome and friendly to work with. The stickers will look great on my... boyfriend's big wall of stickers! He described them as "raunchy and awesome!" They are beautiful and vibrant. I'm very excited! I will definitely look forward to future deals with Yesenia!show more
Cassandra Reid
Cassandra received Help with Art! from Yesenia
Apr 21, 2017
Awesome artwork very talented and friendly!
Anielyn received Help with Read and Draw Challenge from Yesenia
Apr 13, 2017
Fun exchange with Yesenia! Enjoyed seeing my characters in someone else's style. Enjoyed seeing her add the little details :)
Melissa Fuller
Melissa bought PizzaTits Vinyl Sticker 3"x2" from Yesenia
Apr 10, 2017
Freaking cool little stickers!! Thanks! I love 'em.
James provided unit of Will eat an Oreo for you for Yesenia
Apr 04, 2017
Excellent customer! Pleasure to work with.


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About Yesenia Rosales

Well....I've always sucked at these and apparently theres is a 200 character minimum so that adds so much more pressure to writing this thing to begin with. Like, what is the point of writing such a About Me. Nobody takes the time to actually reade theeeeese! D: Well, as you can see I'm a pizza fanatic and recently started a shop of my own. I'm selling all sorts of pizza related stuff. From stickers to patches, to enamel pins, to hand painted collectible items! It all started because my friend's would tag me on literally EVERY meme that had to do with pizza. I mean I've always like pizza but I didn't know people associated me with pizza so much lol. So I kind of just hopped on that pizza train and decided to actually make more out of the love I have for pizza. It's SO fun and motivatingto come up with so many ideas and designs and seeing that theres people that love what Im doing and are there to support me. My dream is to actually make a living out of selling the stuff I create and not have to out up with lousy mundane jobs that just suck the soul out of you. I went to college for a while but I found myself wanting to just work instead. I might pick that up some time later in my life but it's not a priority at the moment. Uuuuh whate else, I like cycling sometimes, drinkin beer, playing videogames, collecting original art and pins, painting, etc. Also , I have alot of cats. The more

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