Member Testimonials


"Simbi is by far one of the most incredible apps that I have ever seen. On Simbi, everyone matters, and no matter if you are an entrepreneur or a hobbyist, there is a place for you here! As an emerging Life Coach, I have received such valuable professional experience and extremely heartwarming feedback from all my new Simbi friends!"  

- Brandon Kirkwood



"I love the concept behind Simbi. It broadens my horizons to a variety of different services and allows me to try new things. Everyone in this community is really friendly and flexible. All of my 40+ deals have been positive experiences!"  

- Kirsten Lynn



"Simbi is as addictive as Facebook but way more meaningful. When I like something on Facebook, it’s a passive gesture. When I favorite something on Simbi, it’s active, because it can lead to an amazing and useful interaction. I’m grateful that I’ve found Simbi so that I can feel fulfillment in a time where I’m questioning my purpose. Thank you for that."  

Ariane Brisson




"I love reading tarot. I tried to do it on Facebook but only every really got 1 or 2 people who wanted me to read them. this causes burnout. On Simbi, there is such a large and positive community, that I can take my time with my reads, but still have many different people to read. I can pick and choose who I read, and people are patient and kind in their responses. I love this site. Such positive people!"  

Miranda Martin



"Simbi has been a great experience to meet new people and help others without cash exchanges. I’m glad to say I’m a part of this community and everyone here has been so friendly and genuinely want to help others. I have been able to outsource things for my business plus I’ve been able to find a Tagalog instructor for my daughter thanks to Simbi. I recommend Simbi to everyone."

Rachel Thornhill



"I can’t say enough good things about Simbi. I’ve been on Simbi for 6 months now and it has enriched my life in every facet! I’m living a healthier, stronger life. My relationship with my wife and children have become deeper and more meaningful, and at the same time my various streams of income nearly doubled because of Simbi, and it’s amazing community! I don’t just use Simbi, I live it!"

 - Anthony Chan 



"Simbi has brought together such a vast community of positive, uplifting people. After just a few months of connecting with a handful of different individuals, I feel more involved in the world than ever before. Now when a hard day hits, all I need to do is read through my reviews and I’m instantly reminded of all the amazing people there are out there. Thank you!"  

- Erika Urriola  




"In only a week I have met some amazingly talented people. I have been able to help people from all over the country. I love having a barter system to get all the little extras I can’t afford with cash!"  

Mirayma Lopez


"I joined Simbi to find help with a leaky toilet, and I’ve found so much more than that. Gifts for friends and family, connections with neighbors I didn’t know before, business help I didn’t even think to ask for, and the opportunity to support people with my skills in ways that are deeply gratifying; all without the need for monetary exchange. I love this concept and look forward to engaging here for a long time to come."  

Michaela Daystar



"I came to Simbi to meet people and discovered an entire world of active, eager, highly motivated talent looking to trade skills in order to build mutually beneficial collaborations. I’ve been able to leverage Simbi as a platform to start a project I’ve wanted to do for 30 years! And it’s all starting to come together. I’m really thrilled with the whole experience."   

-Tyn Samuel


"Through Simbi I got some amazing career coaching. This is a service I would never have paid for. This coaching shifted the way I looked at my career. It really has changed the direction of my life!"

- Aazir Munir 



"Finding Simbi and the community and opportunities it offers was kind of the life-altering for me. I’ve only been here for a short time, but it has already made my future seem more hopeful than it has in a LONG while. My skill set doesn’t really fit the traditional job market very well, and I have disabilities that are often limiting, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to offer… Simbi can let me do that and feel useful and productive in ways I haven’t been able to before, and I can’t say enough about how amazing that is."  

Alana Kathleen



"Since becoming a part of the Simbi community, I have made countless connections to people who lead me towards a fulfilling remote career. So many people have generously offered their time and advice to help me break into the world of successful virtual services. Right now, I have several Computer coding tutors who have helped me to grow my digital and technological skills. In turn, I have helped people work on their English grammar, oral, and written skills. I am sure this will continue to be a rewarding experience for me and others who engage in this community."  

- Rachel Stuart



"I’ve been trading my services all my life. I’ve gotten free care repair in almost every city I’ve ever lived in. I  even got a discount on my garage door installation, BUT I’ve been limited to those who I needed services from me. NO LONGER!!! Look out world here comes Simbi!"  

William Christensen



"… after just a few days on Simbi I am feeling far more confident about being able to use visual media to communicate my research results, because I have met incredible people who have responded so positively to my requests and worked (or are working) to create images and video for me. I’ve also managed to make connections across continents with very inspiring people- and to help them out too, apparently. 

So thank you. I’ll be spending most of next year in a part of the world with no, or at best unreliable, internet. But for the days and weeks when I’m in this madly privileged part of the globe, I’ll do my best to contribute as much as I can to the moneyless economy you’re creating."  

Charlotte Payne