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The More Formula (workbook)


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… SCARCITY is a LIE! Big Business claims that there is only so much stuff to go around… (supply vs. demand, etc.), BUT if you look at Mother Nature- you can see the opposite. One piece of fruit holds LOTS of seeds... If you don’t mow your yard, the fence soon gets overgrown… - the Fact is - Nature is EXPANSIVE… The Laws of Nature are busy creating More - Not Less.

The reason WHY you are not getting what you want is simple and easy to change… Learn the method to Getting MORE… more Money… more Respect… more Power… a bigger House… a newer Car… better Relationships… better Health… much More of Everything… Re-claim the ancient (forgotten) knowledge of how to transform your wishes into reality, and manifest MORE of what you really want- NOW, not later!

This Workshop is a result of gathering, comparing, and utilizing information from the Big Guru's ( 20+ years of  extensive research and personal application ) and adapting it to help you find your path to MORE. … Because they all say the same thing - so there must be a ‘formula’, Right?

This is that formula. This workbook is the nuts and bolts of how to make the ‘More Machine’ work its magic for Everyone (Yes- You Too…) All the Time… without fail.

All the Big $$ guru's know this formula for MORE... Now you can know it too. Create your own Road to 'The Good Life'. Information adapted from all the Big Guru's to help you find a fast and easy way to your path to MORE. It is very comprehensive and allows for all the negative subconscious blockades to be dismantled and "reprogrammed" very quickly and very effectively without having to rely on additional quirky rituals, special private sessions, or extra expensive seminars- "Why?" ... because its already in there!

*) Bob Proctor "You Were Born Rich" *) Lynn Grabhorn "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" *) Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl "Wealth without a Job" *) Joyce Meyer "How to Succeed at Being Yourself" *) Phillip C. McGraw "Self Matters" *) Stephen R. Covey/ Sean Covey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People/ Families/ Teens/ Etc." *) Phillip c. McGraw / Jay McGraw "Life Strategies/ Life Strategies for Teens" *) Alan Lakein "How To Get Control of Your Time and Your Life" *) The Holy Bible *) and many, many other seminars, videos, books, etc. on self-help, self-empowerment, self-awareness, self-improvement...

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Reviews of Laury

Jul 02, 2017
Book different than expectedm
May 17, 2017
Laury sent me a very detailed and well researched booklet guiding others toward their true prosperity. It is a wonderful guide that helps individuals look more deeply at our attitudes, values and beliefs around money, worth and havingnessshow more
Inactive User
Apr 04, 2017
Great communication! It was a pleasure working with Laury!
Joe provided unit of Handy quality labor Joe for Laury
Jun 28, 2017
Square business...laury had a jenky faucet now it functions properly. I received her end of the bargain promptly. Anytime laury!
Ayan received Help with Recommend me a song/instrumental from Laury
Jun 26, 2017
Very nice! :-) Thanks
Ayan received Help with Recommend me a movie to watch from Laury
Jun 26, 2017
Thanks for the reco.
Inactive User
Inactive User received Help with A resume template from Laury
Jun 26, 2017
Laury provided me with an excellent resume!
Ayan received Help with Poll: Buy home now or wait? from Laury
Jun 26, 2017
Thanks Laury, for writing a very thoughtful opinion.
Jun 20, 2017
Laury is great! Glad I had a chance to read some of her wisdom.
Jun 09, 2017
Laury provided a good outline of how to redirect the conversation so you remain able to sculpt the flow of the exchange. It was a nice reminder of a f...ew things I've forgotten! :)show more


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Knowledge and skillset(s): create educational curriculum for special needs students and provide Live-ability training/consultation; practiced in Positive Thinking/ Law of Attraction methods; Office sk...ills include MS Office Suite, Records Management, Scheduling, other computer hardware/software, Proofreading, Create/Develop Procedures Manuals; CDL Driver; show more

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