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Churchwarden Style Pipe


300 per item

Long stem pipes, as you often see on Lord of The Rings, are called "churchwardens," apparently because you can read while you smoke, and church wardens must have read a lot. :-/

This is something I made myself, from cherry wood in the bowl, and some sort of softwood stem.

It's unused, but is a real smoking pipe.

I can't set a shipping cost, because I'm in Canada, but shipping would be a few dollars, depending on your address.

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I will ship this item to you within 1-2 business days

Reviews of Jason

Clayton bought Churchwarden Style Pipe from Jason
Nov 13, 2018
An adorable product I'll always keep closeby, I would never have received had it not been for all the wonderful Simbi-ists loving my services so much ...and helping me grow my earnings. That's simbi I more
Dominic received unit of Logo Design from Jason
Jul 11, 2019
Very responsive and handled the short deadline like a champion. MAJOR PROPS!!!
Antoine received unit of Logo Design from Jason
Jul 10, 2019
Jason was professional through and through. He communicated clearly and stayed in contact throughout the entire process. A great person.
Briar received unit of Leave a Tip, Set Your Own Price from Jason
Jul 09, 2019
Jason gave me great tips saving me time and simbi! Thanks so much!
Anjelica received unit of Build Your Own Bear Hug from Jason
Jun 29, 2019
Wow virtual bear hugs are AWESOME! I feel so blessed and loved! Thank you!!
Chelsey received unit of Free MP3 Song About Love from Jason
Jun 24, 2019
Jason shared a song that he made out of 1Corinthians 13 that I really enjoyed!
Chelsey received unit of Build Your Own Bear Hug from Jason
Jun 24, 2019
Jason gave me a virtual hug of appreciation, and it was wonderful!
Amanda received visit of Answer Any Question About PHP from Jason
Jun 19, 2019
I'm not sure if he didn't understand or just didn't care/pay attention, I've only looked at the last 3 reviews of his, but notice the one from Summit ...S., he also points out he couldn't help him either. show more
Maria received unit of Logo Design from Jason
Jun 13, 2019
Hugo provided session of Learn the basics of motion tracking for Jason
Jun 06, 2019
Jason was a really patient client, a really nice person, and it was really great to work with him


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