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Ylecas Uplift Music 3/3


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Introducing the "Uplift" Music Album by Ylecas - Your Gateway to Positive Transformation
(Contains 6 unique Tracks in mp3 format. Visit two other Ylecas Profiles on to Collect All 16 and receive a secret bonus!)


🚀 Take a journey beyond the ordinary with Ylecas, the musical Twin Flames from another dimension, on a mission to spread love through the power of sound and movement. Kai and Sha, beaming their cosmic content to your digital devices from their interstellar spaceship, have crafted an album that's not just music; it's an experience, a catalyst for change.

🌟 The science is clear: a recent study from the University of Sussex shows that pro-social music with positive and uplifting lyrics can make us more considerate and empathetic. Ylecas understands the power of music to transform moods and lives. As Dr. Sajeev from Sanjeevani Clinic, Bengaluru, explains, music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical that can turn a bad day into a great one.

🎶 Every track on "Uplift" is a sonic voyage into positivity, carefully composed to forge neural connections for wealth and success. Ylecas believes that within each of us lies a unique brilliance, a cosmic niche waiting to be discovered. Their music is the key to unlocking your inner light, illuminating a higher personal path, and propelling Earth into an era of harmony—a "Type 1 Civilization."

🪐 Prepare to embark on "The Grand Tour of the Universe" with Ylecas. Similar artists like The Shamen, Eiffel 65, and more recently, Luminaries and J Brave, have harnessed the power of electronic music to convey meaningful messages through their art. Ylecas continues this tradition but takes it a step further, transcending boundaries and guiding you to look within, move beyond limitations, and embrace the limitless potential of the cosmos.

"Uplift" isn't just an album; it's a transformational journey that will resonate with your soul. Join Ylecas on this celestial odyssey, and together, let's create a world where positivity reigns, and love flows through every note. It's time to uplift your spirit and redefine what's possible.

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About Ylecas Twins

Hi Simbi Planet ^.^ We love collaboration so this is our together profile! We are Twins from Planet Ylecas 🌍 ❤️ We love sharing L0VE and uplifting music Sending much L0VE ❤️ We need e...xtra text to receive Simbi points see below taken from our website ;) Ylecas come from another planet to spread love through sound and movement. Kai (Blue) and Sha (Pink) beam their content to your computers from their spaceship. Humans move constantly as children, it baffles Ylecas of why they are forced into small square rooms, doing repetitive tasks their whole lives. Ylecas has unveiled a Master Plan to get humans moving again through Multi-Dimensional Media. Are you ready, Yes or No? Ylecas is currently working on their 2nd Studio Album featuring the new Demo “Yes or No”. A song that is planned for charitable events worldwide. *Check for the demo song on our website: show more

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