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Hand drawn art piece


20 per item plus $3.00 shipping

Im just here to get some cool hand made art out into the world. I can draw from a photo or i can try creating something from what you describe. I used to draw a lot but its been a lazy year for the pen and pencil. I can use colors, pens, charcoal, and i can even stencil the image out and put it onto a background. Your call!
I prefer art trades, but alas i am running out of simbi points so im probably going to try selling these. But im open!

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Reviews of Leili

Kathryn Robinson
Kathryn received session of Magical Messages from the Fairies from Leili
Jun 07, 2018
Lovely person and a really accurate reading :)
Dana received session of Magical Messages from the Fairies from Leili
May 23, 2018
Super amazing and right on. Very detailed.
Olivia received session of Magical Messages from the Fairies from Leili
May 22, 2018
The reading was very enlightening and I feel good about my future!
Mariquita provided Help with Spiritual Counselor/Healer Needed for Leili
May 12, 2018
Working with Leili was a wonderful experience. She has so much to give the world and she is always learning new things everyday!
Deanna provided Help with Spiritual Counselor/Healer Needed for Leili
May 12, 2018
Leili is sweet and kind. I enjoy working with her. She has embraced the process and has so much maturity for someone so young. I’m grateful to work her and hope to continue our relationship after this is done. show more
Oohna provided session of Hayokey Pokey Medicine Journey! for Leili
Apr 15, 2018
Leili is amazing to ally, so courageous and committed. So so grateful for the opportunity to witness and support her on her healing journey. Love you... Leili! shadow and all <3show more
Bonnie received session of Magical Messages from the Fairies from Leili
Oct 20, 2017
I received a very intuitive reading from lovely cards - validating what I am studying now with manifesting - very helpful - great descriptions War...m and friendly communications - would use again for this service show more
Marissa provided Help with KOMBUCHA UGENCY! is it mold?! for Leili
Oct 06, 2017
Had a quick question about fermenting kombucha. Luckily I was able to give a quuck answer!
Steve provided Help with Guidance. Advice. Help. for Leili
Aug 31, 2017
It was a pleasure talking with, and hopefully helping, Leili.
Emma provided Help with Wedding Invitations for Leili
Aug 08, 2017
Leili is sweet and has a defined aesthetic. It was a great time creating her lovely project with her, even with a few delays and text clarifications, ...which were easily remedied over messages, and everything came together just on time beatuifully. I wish her all the best in this and all future endeavours!show more


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About Leili WanouEtMoi

Hi, my names Leili! This is my first time selling my art, and im doing it in hopes that more people will have fun expressing them selves through their hair. I love dying and cutting my hair, and i kno...w so many people who cant or are to scared to do anything that crazy, but still want to have fun with their look. So why not throw some fun one of a kind beads in there?! Each bead is uniquely hand made by me or my boy friend Willyum, and are sent out as soon as they are made and done. His journey with dreadlocks is a big part of what inspired me to start making beads, since i couldnt find any unique jewelry that would be fun to wear i decided to make my own. The name Wanou Et Moi is in honor of my brother and best friend who was in a fatal motorcycle accident in august this year. His support and love helped me become who i am, and im hoping that i can spread that same happiness he had through this. My message to you, is that life is too short, and to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Take that great leap and do something crazy, or just buy some cool beads. Either way, do what makes you happy regardless of what anyone says or expects of you. The only person that matters, is the one reading this right now. You are loved. You are wanted. You are special. Never give more

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