Rules & Regulations

rules simbi

The following are prohibited:

Unused, massed-produced goods

New, massed-produced goods may NOT be bought, sold, or traded on Simbi. Only used goods are permitted. As a service-based community, members may only choose to offer physical items if they are custom handmade crafts or used goods in an effort to reuse & recycle. All pre-made tangible items that don't require customization should be posted on the Simbi Market as they are ready to go and can be simply "Ordered". If the craft is to be created only after a deal is agreed upon, then it should be listed as a service, and not included in the Simbi Market. Any physical item that is not either custom-made by a crafty Simbi member, or a used good, is not allowed. Please see our full list of prohibited items before posting anything to the Market.

✘  "A4 Printer Paper" 

✔︎  "Old Remington Typewriter" 

✔︎  "Handknit Plush Toy" 

Combined/nested services

No service listing describing more than one service is allowed. In order to avoid confusion, problems with categorization, and reviews -- we do not allow members to include more than one service in their service listings. Listings describing more than one service will be removed from our platform.  

✘  "Blog writing, marketing, IT support" 

✘  "Blog writing (300/600/900 words)" 

✔︎  "Blog writing 300 words" 

Illegal activities

Activities that are considered a crime in any of the fifty states in the USA are not allowed and will be removed from the platform.

✘  "Set up a firework show for you!" 

✘  "How to grow your own Marijuana" 


Services that promote or require the betting of simbi credits resulting in either losing or winning are not allowed and will be removed.

✘  "Simbi Lottery" 

✘  "Virtual Horserace!" 

Loaning Simbi as a Service

Services or requests that directly offer to lend, borrow or invest simbi credits for simbi credits or otherwise manipulate the simbi currency. 

✘  "Loan you Simbi" 

✘  "Borrow 250 Simbi to repay 300 simbi in 30 days" 

Mature content

No listings found to be sexual, sensual, or erotic in nature, are not allowed on Simbi. Services providing or requesting advice or education on said topics are also prohibited. No exceptions. 

✘  "Illustrations of Hot Anime" 

✘ "Bondage/S&M for Newbies" 

Self-promotional listings involving Like/Tweet/Share/Follow/Review

No service or request that promises or solicits likes, tweets, shares, follows, reviews or any other social merits are allowed. This includes, (but is not limited to) “follow me” or “like my page” requests, review writing requests, listings primarily advertising external commercial websites.

✘  "Subscribe to my YouTube page"

"I'll Tweet to my 10k Followers"

"Comment on my Instagram pic"

Advertisements for third-party for-profit companies

No listings found to promote traffic to external companies, brands, services, websites, are permitted on Simbi. Especially if they are for the sake of monetary gains, such as referral links that will earn the listing owner credits or dollars.

"Get your first free meal free -"

" | 20 Laundry credits" 

Exceedingly Vague/ Nonsensical 

Non-specific, vague, nonsensical and fake services will be deleted. Services that are very difficult to understand may also be deleted. 


"Time & Life Re-lived We Are One"

"Adasd aside"

Fraudulent or insincere

Listings appearing to be false, misleading, or deceptive.

"Get Buffed in One Week" 

"Tell you the secret to success" 

"How I Make $8,000/m Online" 

Simbi Market listings requesting third-party payment

Craftwork, artwork, or used goods posted to the Simbi market may NOT request shipping cost reimbursements through a third party of their choice. That means no PayPal, no Venmo, bank transfers, etc. Any Market piece listed must charge for shipping through our website (which uses Stripe) or the listing will be taken down. We only track/reimburse issues related to orders when our service is used via Stripe.

"Handcrafted Coffee Mug (PayPal)"

"Custom Magnets 30Simbi 2$ Venmo (shipping)"

Credit to currency conversions

Any conversion of simbi to another currency is strictly prohibited. This includes selling simbi for other site credits, cryptocurrencies, foreign, fiat currencies, cash, etc, but also includes referral links that earn you credits or currencies from other parties. Buying/selling simbi credits is against our Terms of Service.

"12,500Simbi for 0.125 BTC"

"Will buy your simbi - DM me"

Charging simbi for friendship

Offering friendship has become somewhat of a cultural norm on Simbi. Charging for friendship, however, is not allowed. Any listing about friendship must have the trading preference set to --> Pay it Forward. 

"Make a new friend only 10Simbi"

"Walk in the park with me"

Requests for low-value information/advice

Requests or surveys soliciting information from other members of little to no value are not permitted on Simbi. Only surveys for useful information for scientific or business purposes are allowed.

  "Tell me your favorite color"

  "Inspirational Quotes to Cheer Me Up"

✔︎  "8-min survey on your Health Insurance" 

Shipping cost ($) is higher than the simbi (Simbi) price

Listing regarding a pre-made, ready-to-ship custom-made item, may only be posted on the Simbi Market. Within the Market, members can choose to enter their bank information to offset their shipping costs (in dollars, USA only). If your Market listing has a higher shipping price than simbi price, however, we will assume the primary motivation is to make cash and remove the listing. Acquiring dollars through Simbi is not allowed. 

✘  "Creepy Carnival Mask 10Simbi ($15 shipping)"

✔︎  "Wire wrapped Jewelry 40
Simbi +$3.99 shipping"  

Alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) 

Liquor, spirits, or any beverage containing alcohol may not be listed on Simbi. Pharmaceutical or medicinal drugs, whether legal or not, are also prohibited. Any mind-altering substance does not belong on our platform.

✘  "Homemade Beer!"

✘  "2oz Kratom in capsules

✘  "Tylenol Extra Strength"

Copyrighted/trademarked content

Listings containing content that violates another person’s or entity’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights are not allowed. 

✘  "Download FREE HD movies"

✘  "Tons of MP3 .tor files!"

✘  "Netflix username/password"

Coupons, gift cards, referral links for external services

Since coupons, gift cards, and any promotion that is sold for simbi is technically a transfer of credits into another currency, listing them is prohibited. 

✘  "10% off Amazon purchases w/ my code"

✘  "Your first hat free at"

Discriminatory content/hate speech or intolerance

Any content in a listing, profile, or even private message (if reported by another member) found to be disparaging or discriminatory against a group of people based on their skin color, race, ethnicity, nationality, language of choice, physical or mental disability, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, weight, size or appearance — is completely unacceptable on Simbi. We firmly believe that every member must treat ALL peoples with respect, and without judgment or bias. If you disagree, please cancel your account. 

"Why Black Lives Don't Matter"

"I'll Explain How Absurd Mormons Are!"

"Learn why Whites are superior"

CD keys, serial numbers or licenses

All software not intended to be used by anyone else but the original owner is forbidden. 

✘  "Microsoft Office Suite, Cracked"

✘  "Serial number for Adobe CC! Really works!"

Gaming simbi credits or deals to garner reputation, badges, or credits

Members engaged in schemes that undermine Simbi's trust & reputation system through false or excessive dealmaking with another member risk having their accounts deleted. 

✘  "Write me 10 Reviews on Simbi"

✘  "100 Deals Now | Get Leaderboard Badge"

Transfer of simbi credits without providing/receiving real-world value

Any listing soliciting the transfer of credits or accounts with no real service rendered will be deleted. 

✘  "For Newbies: Your First Deal "

✘  "Exchanging 500 simbi for 500 simbi (get a Circulator Badge!)"

Win/lose, prank-based, or fear-based shock services for "fun" 

Listings deemed to be designed with the intent of providing a disservice a person or persons for the amusement of another are banned from Simbi. Any deal that is in any way vengeful or unadvantageous to one or a third party will be canceled, and the listings deleted. This includes seeming innocuous services that end up playing a joke or tricking someone in a way that could be ill-received mentally or physically. In addition, any service or request based on divulging false information to scare, or worry anyone is strictly forbidden. 

✘  "Confetti Bombs R' Us"

✘  "Realistic Ransome Note"

✘  "Call my ex & tell her I'm dead"



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