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Simbi Organizations can be created by community members for almost any purpose: a local group, a personal brand, or for a non-profit to recruit & reward volunteers!

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Shamanic Arts Center

The Shamanic Arts Center's mission as a cultural preservation organization is to preserve shamanistic practices and facilitate the direct experience of those practices, ceremonies, & art. We believe these arts foster spiritual health and connection to our beloved Grandmother Earth and all the beings who live here. The Shamanic Arts Center hosts ceremonies, workshops, programs and experiential groups. One of those groups is a shamanic barter group called the Experience Exchange. See our website at for more details. The Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado hosts the annual Traveling Shamans Camp as well as a weekly program called Encounters of the Shamanic Kind. The Shamanic Arts Center also serves as a liaison between host communities and guest programs featuring shamanic artists, healers or wisdom teachers who are invited to list their services and events in the shamanic network directory at ShamanicArts.Center. Degree / Credentials Julia Widdop, BA Journalism - MA Psychology Dr. Robert Sullivan, PhD Psychology

Live Well Tasmania

Live Well Tasmania is a not for profit community organisation based in Wynyard , Tasmania, Australia. Our mission is improving the health and wellbeing of our community using a whole of community wellbeing approach. We provide programs, projects, workshops and events from our Community Centre and Community Farm. Our vision: contributing to a world where everyone can achieve wellbeing. Our mission: helping disadvantaged youth achieve wellbeing. Our strategy: using research, evidence-based activities, collective impact and the power of community.

Tikor Foep

This is a project from my heart that began in 2016 when I discovered the Kingdom of Bhutan. I am an American, and Bhutan is an entirely different culture. I believe they are the Jewel of the World. Since then, I have made many friends in Bhutan, and wish to create an organization to help them. I believe Simbi could be a powerful tool for Bhutanese, and my friends in Uganda. Coming next? Jamaica. This is the calling of my life. I am dedicated to this work. Here is the Chief Administrator and Shaman:

California Ultimate Association

Our mission is: To propel ultimate in California to be a leading sport in Character, Competition, and Community. Our goals are: To create healthy and safe communities by building up under-served communities, bolstering existing ultimate communities, and running high-quality events that keep the excitement of competition in our backyard. To create programs and grants that encourage more participation in local organizations’ activities and state-wide initiatives by under-served and under-resourced demographics. To create awareness of our sport and its inherent values via its characters, its competitions, and its communities.

A Salish Alliance

Our mission is to devise, adopt and implement social & ecological strategies that help Pacific Northwest communities adapt to climate change We believe Climate change will alter communities in the Pacific Northwest over the next 30 years in two fundamental ways; 1) by increasing demand for natural resources in our region through the effects of mass migration, while 2) simultaneously decreasing the supply of vital natural resources via the impact of climate shifts.


Formed early in 2019 with the idea of connecting

Necessities For Children

501c3 with mission of serving youth and providing them tools to be successful. We do this through computer science education programs in the community, along with collaboration efforts to impact youth k-12 in low income areas.

Dash Path

Our mission is to give people a tried and true method for getting out of poverty and into prosperity. One of the ways we'll do this is by buying and forgiving toxic debt and offering high impact products and services that will save our clients both time and money. We will fight to eliminate the use of predatory lending practices like payday loans, high interest credit cards, rent-to-own and others.

Kailani Digital Works

Kailani Digital Works is a one-woman web creations business. Its purpose it to help people express their dreams and aspirations through expressive websites and whiteboard videos.

Heart of Avalon

Heart of Avalon (HoA) is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with a mission: to promote health, sustainability and abundance. We envision a world where health and wellness are valued as a benefit for humanity and the planet, and we seek to empower people to make better choices for optimal health. Heart of Avalon believes that by connecting people for the purpose of exchanging resources including buying, selling, trading or borrowing goods and services, and providing opportunities for education and inspiration, as well as forming meaningful connections, that it can become a catalyst for change.

entreDonovan Wholesale

entreDonovan Wholesale grew out of its sister company, entreDonovan. Specializing in custom womenswear, the company uses advanced technology such as 3D body scanning and digital pattern, along with traditional cutting and sewing equipment, to produce clothing that fits great!

The Carzwell Project

This is the project if my life. The original intention was to create a container in Simbi for the development of my small consulting business - Carzwell XYZ - into the next version. That will wait a bit as I use this container as a project for restoring my life here in Negaunee, Michigan, US.