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Hogwarts Watercolor WallArt


30 simbi for this piece

This is a piece i was commissioned to do; it references a quote from Sirius Black. In it is Hogwarts, with a black, blue and white themed splash watercolor design. This piece is rather large and can be blown up to the size of a wall.

Again, this is a digital piece that will then need to be printed.


I will send you a large size of this digital image i created. It can blow up to the size of a billboard, so any size you want! I made it for 90 Simbi, you are getting a copy for the 25

This is just the digital version, to get it printed you need to go to Fedex or a print company.

The quote is a sirius black quote! Super cool. I see things like this going for 30$ online, so this is a good deal!

I love Harry Potter and this was a fun project i was tasked with creating. It really shows alot of the style i like in art, and it was all hand created. I turned hogwarts into a vector design, added many layers of ink blots, played with colors, and threw a great quote on it! This can be really big, and is already being used for wall art by a few people! Get yours today, or for a reasonable price, i can make your very own HP Art!

Reviews of Matt

Amaya received Package of 7 Days of CHEAP SUPER EASY DINNERS from Matt
Oct 21, 2016
Matt delivered exactly what was promised.
Audrey received Unit of Hogwarts Watercolor WallArt from Matt
Oct 17, 2016
Matt was very friendly and his service was exactly as expected from his description.
KJ received Help with Typographic Art Print: "Love Hole" from Matt
Oct 10, 2016
Beautiful, powerful, unique designs from Matt. He delivered exactly what I laid out in my request, and gave me many different options on execution. I his stuff! show more
Simbi received Help with Check us out on Product Hunt! 🚀 from Matt
Oct 06, 2016
Matt has been incredibly supportive of Simbi. We're very excited to start working with him.
Peter Francis provided Help with Send Me Photos for My Photo Book! for Matt
Oct 05, 2016
Matt is a genuinely nice guy who is both professional and has a broad skill set. I would recommend him, for sure.
Misha received Unit of Counseling From A Registered Nurse from Matt
Oct 04, 2016
Matt gave me some really good tips for my post appendectomy recovery! Super helpful, and probably would have taken 40 pages of google searching/readin...g to find the same advice!show more
Lailah Holt
Lailah bought Hogwarts Watercolor WallArt from Matt
Oct 04, 2016
This is perfect. Thanks!
Moony received Unit of Hogwarts Watercolor WallArt from Matt
Oct 04, 2016
Great Artist! Brilliant colors!
Alycia L. bought Hogwarts Watercolor WallArt from Matt
Sep 27, 2016
I received a beautiful image from Matt that will make a lovely holiday gift. :D
Lisa received Session of 15 minute marketing plan advice from Matt
Sep 27, 2016
Matt does amazing work, unparalleled. He has learned alot, and is my go to most of the time.


Misha Estrin wrote a recommendation for Matt Vasquez
Oct 09, 2016

Matt is one of the most considerate, nicest, thoughtful, creative people I've met on Simbi. Every service he's provided me, he's gone above and beyond my expectations. He photo-shopped my face into a famous painting so good you couldn't tell it was photo-shopped and people I showed it to thought it was just an amazingly well done painting of me. Highly recommend to anyone! Message me to see the before an after, you will be stunned!

Lisa Caprelli wrote a recommendation for Matt Vasquez
Sep 01, 2016

Matt has been my go to for years. He is my creative director, and one of the most fantastic people to work with. He is exceptionally talented at almost everything digital, and i wouldnt be here without him.

Tito Ngoma wrote a recommendation for Matt Vasquez
Aug 29, 2016

To the Point. To the Topic. To the Bone. This man is a one in all. I can get back to him for anything he may or may not know and still do a 100% job.


Lori Horbatiuk wrote a recommendation for Matt Vasquez
Aug 19, 2016

Matt is one of my favorite people ever. Honest, trustworthy, funny, and smart. He has helped me with many things! Check him out.

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I have been the Creative Director for GoGlossy Marketing & Advertising in Orange County, CA for 10 years now. I have done every job in my industry, from sales to design to customer service. That b...eing said i am a really friendly outgoing person! I usually go above and beyond (more then i should to be honest) and i am always helping people with their ideas. I really like to help others, and especially if they are self starters and trying to get there own stuff done! I have professional level skills in Adobe CS, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects. I have designed over 75 Logos and 100's of business cards in my early years, as well as business proposals, marketing strategy plans, hiring, account managing, many industry specific documents and designs, hundreds of hours of video production and much more. I have dealt with major branding projects. I have been flown all over the US for photo-shoots and as a representative of my company. I have helped many companies build themselves from the ground up, and i am proud of that. I am a master of my craft, and almost anything you need that is digital, graphic, or business related i can do. There are alot of alternatives to many services out here, and i am a strong believer in "You get what you pay for". I am proud to offer services that are incomparable in quality, and you cant beat not having to spend real money! show more

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