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Lapis lazuli pendant


70 per item plus $2.50 shipping

Rich lapis’s lazuli pendant, kept in great condition

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I will ship this item to you within 1-2 weeks

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Reviews of Justin

Maria provided unit of Personalized Success Blue Print for Justin
Nov 15, 2018
Good luck with creating your goals and getting the results you want.
Melvin received Help with Transfer Reviews from Justin
Nov 10, 2018
Nice guy to talk to, although he only (so far) has completed two-thirds of the work he was going to do for me (even that amount I am very grateful for....) However my completion rate is lowering because it was an exchange. When he does the last one, I'll update the review but he so far has not been responding. show more
Jason received unit of Custom background images from Justin
Oct 31, 2018
Easy going guy, great work.
Cheryle provided unit of My Simbi List of Healers & Lovers for Justin
Oct 25, 2018
Maria provided unit of FREE Make 2019 your BEST YEAR ever! for Justin
Oct 25, 2018
Enjoy the review!
Johny provided unit of Talent & Character Analysis for Justin
Oct 25, 2018
Very easy to communicate with, thank you.
Selena provided session of Personal Spirit Guide Channeling for Justin
Oct 23, 2018
Justin was absolutely lovely to work with!
Barbara provided unit of Duplicate/vary custom patches for Justin
Sep 18, 2018
Happy to make duplicates! Enjoy!
Amber provided session of Crystal lessons for beginner's for Justin
Sep 18, 2018
Justin was nice to chat with but was slow to respond. Overall good experience I would have liked to talk to him more about the presentation I provided... and hold a Zoom session but after a few days of little to no response I decided to complete the deal with out those conversations have taken place. show more
Barbara provided unit of Custom machine embroidery patches for Justin
Sep 05, 2018
Nice, easy deal with Justin. Enjoy!


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I will send you photos of your Custom digital images 6 per person 3 per image can negotiate s Shipping


Justin B.
4 + $1.00

About Justin Balk

Please join my group "the occult" I am a thinker, truth seeker, soul /mind conscious helper. I once practiced music as a profession and reached a level of college education on the subject. I've been... writing short works (90% poetry) for about 10 years . I love visual art but have very little skill or talent . Talk to me about religion, mysticism, esoteric knowledge and philosophy .those are my true interests. I am a Krishna devotee and was a practicing Buddhist monk for a few years. If anyone just needs a compassionate ear or challenging mind feel free to start a dialog! Free of charge of course! The kind of services i am looking for would be teaching of viashnava culture , feedback on poetry, the occult, mysticism, philosophy and easy drawing ideas. Stimulating conversation is also always welcome and encouraged. Try to inject some humor into our sometimes gloomy world. show more

Open to other proposals
Justin Balk is looking for:
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Just for Fun
  • Digital
  • Art Lessons
  • Religion
  • Gardening
  • Life Coaching
  • Counseling & Therapy
  • Music & Audio
  • Custom Art
  • Art & Design