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Remote Healing


44 per session - Virtual OK

Utilizing Reiki and my personal heart-based love frequency, I will send you ~30 minutes of customized remote healing.

My healing intentions can be directed to (though are not limited to): alleviate pain, re-energizing body mind and spirit, unblock energy channels, heal outstanding wounds - physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally.

Getting Ready:
First, I will ask you a few questions to determine the intent you would like to place for the healing. Depending on your preference, this can be accomplished through either a ~5 minute eye-to-eye consultation over video chat, or through e-mail.

Next, we will set up a time that is ideal for me to send the healing. Ideally, this is when you are able to find rest and quiet, in order to relax and give your body a chance to be open to receive the healing vibrations.

How the healing works:
Generally speaking, remote healing entails me opening up myself/my being as a channel for loving, divine healing energies to flow through. I find it is most effective and best experienced/felt when the client and I both "meet" in an open and relaxed meditative state at a shared time. By both setting the intent of entering into the healing together, we join energetically.

By requesting the help of my guides and setting an intention for the energies flowing through me to be directed towards healing any specific aspect of you requested - be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual/energetic - I provide a high-vibrational, love oriented, healing atmosphere around your entire being that allows for a release and healing to occur at every level.

Training & Qualifications

I am a certified Usui Reiki practioner trained under a proven lineage. I have also channelled my own customized healing methodology in tune with the universal frequency of love. I have 3+ years experience.

Availability & Preferences

Afternoons and Evenings EST.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Josh

liz received session of Remote Healing from Josh
May 08, 2017
Josh is magical.
liz received session of Remote Healing from Josh
Apr 05, 2017
If Einstein & Jesus had a baby, it'd be Josh. He is one of the most evolved and heart-powered humans i've ever met. You're an incredible force, Josh.... Xoxoshow more
Iris Betts received session of Ask My Perspective from Josh
May 07, 2017
Josh is a heartfelt visionary and I support him completely. He is an advanced soul with exceptional listening skills!
Jack provided session of Past Life Hypnotic Regresion for Josh
May 02, 2017
Josh is a spiritual being of high character. He was a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed listening to his past life experience as much as he did relivin...g it. He will do the right thing and I recommend you try him. show more
Iris Betts provided package of Soul Path Reading, Mayan Astrology for Josh
Apr 21, 2017
Josh looks deeply into his self and soul path. Patient with my schedule and lovely to work with.
Pollen provided session of Energy Work Lessons for Josh
Apr 02, 2017
Josh is a very down to earth guy with a lot to offer to the world. I look forward to seeing the amazing things he does with his gifts.
Stephen received session of Learn How to Meditate from Josh
Apr 01, 2017
Josh was very helpful and insightful. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get more out of their meditation practice.
Stacy provided unit of Ask a Mormon for Josh
Mar 31, 2017
Josh was supper cool about my slightly delayed time frame. Thanks for being so cool to work with!
Patrick provided visit of Acupuncture for Josh
Mar 30, 2017
Good time, good dude
Josh received session of Ask My Perspective from Josh
Mar 29, 2017
Josh was friendly and insightful. I would recommend his service to others. Thanks again. :D


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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I'm happy to have the opportunity to participate in a community of like-minded people operating beyond the scope of money. This has been a dream of mine, and I am so glad to see a global community...

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About Josh Sarazyn

I teach beginner to advanced meditation through improving self-awareness and customizing a mindful practice that will fit into any client's lifestyle. I am also an energy healer, utilizing Reiki and p...ersonal heart-based energy. I question everything and know enough to realize I know nothing. My life has been an adventure to the highest highs and the lowest lows, and through it all I became more courageous and wise. I spent 30 years chasing other people's dreams and fitting into the mold that was shown to me by western society, but remained unfulfilled at a core level. After my own version of awakening to truth, life threw a series of twists and turns my way that left me drained in every dimension - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I've always had a dire spirit, and after reaching the end of the line searching for answers outside of myself in the world around me, I began to look in the only direction left: within. And I dove deep! This began to unfold the current saga of my life, which is the crescendo of healing my own past to become a new and reborn vessel capable of sharing with others and helping them accomplish the same. I seek to follow my passion and bliss in all of my current pursuits, from day-to-day life to what I am giving back by offering to the world. I feel that each of us has a gift to give to the rest of humanity and the world when we all get in touch with our hearts, and if you're ready I'm here to help you find where you fit into the puzzle. show more

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