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DIY Immune-boosting Probiotic Kefir


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Kefir is one of the most healthful nutritious drinks and it’s so easy to make at home, thereby reducing packaging and plastic waste. you can even use it as a starter culture to make your own homemade yogurt. The beneficial bacteria in our bodies are implicated in immune system function, dental health, skin health and digestion. Drinking homemade Kefir can help you increase the numbers of these beneficial bacteria (and is even more effective than store-bought probiotics which often only contain a few individual species of laboratory-raised bacteria).

I can send you these dehydrated kefir “grains” for you to start your own probiotic cultures using local milk at home.

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Reviews of Erin

Maria bought DIY Immune-boosting Probiotic Kefir from Erin
Jun 05, 2021
Received the Kefir with instructions. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks!
Aiesha provided package of Vocal Coaching - 3 Week Package for Erin
Jul 30, 2021
Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with - enthusiastic, warm, engaged, open minded and willing to try new approaches. I'm grateful for this connect...ion!show more
Solomon provided session of Learn how to tune-up your car! for Erin
Apr 15, 2021
Erin was responsive and provided exact details I needed to help her learn about her car.


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