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Video editing


20 simbi per hour - Virtual OK

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and will edit commercials, training videos, promos, and short films.

How long does it usually take? Great question!

High quality video editing includes:

- importing, organizing, and labeling all the footage I receive from you
- cutting it together into a visual story that flows and/or informs effectively and smoothly
- audio mixing (adjusting sound levels, balancing with a music track, etc)
- image stabilization (when the camera accidentally got bumped/was too shaky for certain cuts)
- transition effects
- lower thirds and/or custom title graphics
- color correction
- color grading
- and (of course) rendering and exporting it to a viewable video file (usually mp4 or mov, but other options are available when needed).

Generally speaking that all requires a *minimum* of 2 to 3 hours of editing work "per minute" of finished video.

So a 2 minute video can take 4-6 hours of work at top speed, assuming there's no major issues, extensive custom adjustments, or complicated effects.

If you just want it "cut together" and not worry about audio mixing, color grading, or any title graphics... that's obviously much faster. Usually around only an hour of work per minute of finished video. Of course, if you're using this video to promote yourself and/or raise money, you probably want the highest quality possible. But it all depends on your needs and intentions.

Anything else you should know?

Here's some helpful tips!

Tip #1 - Video editing works best when I have LOTS of options to choose from. The more usable footage you send me, the better the end product will be. Sometimes I may only need a couple seconds of one shot from one clip you sent me... but those two seconds make a huge difference and emotional impact in the final video. You never know what I can use to benefit your final video, so the more options you give me, the better it'll be.

Tip #2 - If you're doing a promo or training video and someone's talking, please give me their full name and official title/job position. Depending on the video, it might make sense (and give it a professional touch) to show their name and title along the bottom corner of the screen (what's called a "lower third"), like you see in documentaries, interviews, and behind-the-scenes clips.

Tip #3 - When filming, get a VARIETY of shots: wide establishing shots of the physical location, medium and close up shots of people talking and doing stuff, and extreme close ups of anything people are doing with their hands, feet, or faces, or any specific objects they're looking at or talking about. Just like in first tip, the more visual options I have to work with, the better.

Training & Qualifications

In my film school editing class, at the end of the semester the teacher told me I had the highest grade out of the entire class AND he was going to use my work as an example to show to future classes. I'm also a director and professional writer, so I know how to edit video in a way that tells an engaging story, with great pacing, and emotional impact.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of David

Charlotte received hour of Video editing from David
Jan 25, 2017
Once again David has made a fantastic video for me!!! I strongly recommend working with David - he's quick, professional, and has a really good sense ...of what works well in more
Charlotte received hour of Video editing from David
Nov 25, 2016
Amazing!!! David did a brilliant job of editing my footage to make a really nice short film. Thank you!! :D


Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

About David Michaels

Personally, I love spending time in nature, playing board games with friends, and relaxing at home watching Netflix. :) I love the Simbi philosophy and community and I'm happy to be here! If you're... short on Simbi credits and aren't interested in my current services, feel free to ask if I'd be able to exchange a service not currently listed. Or, in special cases, I can lower my Simbi rate or offer it for free. Let's talk and help each more

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