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Special Order for Jaymes Lauser


1 per item plus $2.00 shipping - - Posted Aug 04, 2017

Just as ordered ^.^

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Reviews of Cassandra

Maria received Help with Write a 1200+ word blog post from Cassandra
Aug 19, 2018
Thank you so much for sharing your story!
Maria provided unit of FREE MONEY - find unclaimed money for Cassandra
Aug 07, 2018
I hope you were able to use the info shared.
Amaya received Help with Secrets from Cassandra
Jul 15, 2018
Exactly what was asked for
Damla received Help with Happiness Project from Cassandra
Jul 13, 2018
Cassandra was fast and honest in her amswers. Thank you for sharing them with me!
Maria sold Beanie Poodle NWT to Cassandra
Jul 12, 2018
Maria sold Beanie Buffalo NWT to Cassandra
Jul 12, 2018
You're great to work with too!
Maria sold Collectible Beanie Bunny NWT to Cassandra
Jul 12, 2018
Happy to share.
Maria sold Beanie Pup NWT to Cassandra
Jul 12, 2018
So glad you're happy.
Maria provided session of Brainstorming Session for Cassandra
Jul 12, 2018
You're welcome!
Jennifer provided unit of Knit or crochet goods for Cassandra
Jul 08, 2018
Great working with Cassandra!


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Would love to work with you again- you're fantastic!

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About Cassandra Walker

I'm a self taught quilter/ stay at home mom who strives for excellence in everything I do. I love to create, and after having spent YEARS attempting different hobbies, I finally found the one best sui...ted for me- who doesn't love such utter versatility?! I also love to bake, go on adventures, and explore people from around the world- people are INTERESTING! And fun. Always lots of fun :) Baking has been a relatively recent adventure, too- it's so much fun to experiment and work with new flavors and ideas- just one idea can create a thousand totally unique others by tweaking little things. Utterly glorious! From pineapple upside down cake to diabetic friendly cookies; who doesn't love the finer things in life. And with over 20 people as my guinea pi...I mean, taste testers, I just know you'll love them as much as the rest of us. Perhaps my driving passion in life has been to help people better understand themselves, as well as those around them. Whether it's through a more quiet medium, such as writing, or a more expressive one, such as a conversation, I do so love to understand people in order to help them. We are all so different, unique individuals, and yet our core passions, our NEEDS, remain so utterly unchanging. People are so WONDERFUL! So beautifully, wonderfully, glorious. I can't wait to see them, meet them, KNOW them- how else can you possible understand the motivations and inner desires of life? And isn't that the current that runs through us all?show more

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