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midnight girl


55 per item

paint on ceramic tile
I believe this is 6x6 in size

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I will ship this item to you within 1-2 weeks

Reviews of Anat

Emad provided Help with Accountability buddy/listener/help for Anat
Jan 11, 2021
It was nice to work with Anat. She is passionate and committed to move on with her life. Thank you.
Jason received Help with Personal Assistant from Anat
Jan 09, 2021
As always Azeddine gives every aspect of the task his all. Very lucky to have found him.
Emad provided Help with Accountability buddy/listener/help for Anat
Jan 04, 2021
It was nice to work with you. Thank you :)
Autumn provided unit of Bedtime Story for Adults for Anat
Jan 03, 2021
Anat was very easy to work with!
Barbara provided hour of Sewing Lessons for Anat
May 07, 2019
I enjoy working with Anat. It'll be great to do more when/if life ever slows down. :-)
Melvin left review for Anat
Mar 17, 2019
Stopped responding. :( I hope she is ok.
Maria received unit of Prayer/Fasting from Anat
Feb 15, 2019
Thank you very much for your prayers and inspiration.
Alison received Help with Sheet Music / Lead Sheets from Anat
Feb 03, 2019
Anat did an excellent job creating my lead sheet and was very receptive to the changes I wanted.
Saylor provided Help with silly request for Anat
Jan 31, 2019
Thank you lmaoooo
Tyler provided unit of Custom drawing for Anat
Sep 04, 2018
Thank you so much!


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About Anat K

I am a citizen of the world currently residing in the United States. I like music, and I like to learn about stuff. I like to teach stuff that I have learned. I enjoy meeting new people and workin...g in collaboration with others. Lets see- I'm going to need a few more characters to fill out this profile. So, what can I tell you about me that will compel you to use my amazing services? Well- Let me talk about the universe. Although I don't know everything there is to know about the universe since it is so large, I sometimes think that we are all particles of a large oversoul that split. Thus the fact that we have memories that are unique to ourselves is the result of this splitting of the oversoul, but perhaps it is only an illusion. Thus in splitting itself into many parts the oversoul now has the unique gift of indiviuduality, and unique memories and unique selves. This can be risky since these selves can fragment, and many things can happen to them, since they/we do not remember that we come from the oversoul that is bigger. Anyways, what else can I say about this oversoul and these unique selves which we are? ? ? Wow. Sometimes it is a lot to ponder. But in forgetting everything we have a chance for individuality. to create anew. Amazing! I think I have been reading too many Clickhole articles, because they like to use the word amazing a lot and I find myself using it now too. Wow, my profile strength is increasing and increasing even as I type these words! Man, I guess the oversoul discussion isn't long enough to create 100 percent strength, so I will need to discuss something else. Oh. Good and evil. Despite my discussion of the oversoul, and my desire to see everything from a Buddhist and detached wisdom like perspective I have recently been compelled to follow the whole thing that was started by Yeshau of Nazareth- I keep on getting strange dreams and sometimes mention of that name. The main difference I find between the discussion that is prompted by reading these texts is the discussion of good and evil is present. I think that some religions believe that everything is equal, yet in others you can see evil spirits being cast out! So, I would love to hear anyone's opinion of this. Luckily I am not in a position to say anything. But there are so many many's of you guys here that are spiritual I gather! So. Lasty, I see that writing all of this has done nothing to increase my profile strength. It remains at 82 percent. Perhaps I can find other ways to increase it! I shall now exit this section. Ah-- it was the profile picture- okay- now finally! Lastly, I do not want to seem like I am sarcastic about the source, or God, or the creator of the Universe. I would be super honored above anything else to learn more about the source/creator, and to be a true follower of the Way/Truth. I thought I had to add this last thing, in case the prior statements came off as too sarcastic.... show more

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Anat K is looking for:
  • Fun & Quirky
  • Makeup
  • Hair styling
  • Web/Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video & AV
  • Language Lessons
  • Art Lessons
  • Tutoring & Mentoring
  • Learning
  • Healing Arts
  • Massage
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Photography
  • Music & Audio