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Custom Art; as yet undefined


10 simbi per hour - Virtual OK

There is so much art I have to offer that I haven't DONE yet!
I want to do a portrait of your pet.
I want to do a _fancy_ portrait of your pet with silly embellishments like turning your fur baby into a hipster with goofy fashions or adding flowery frames around that fluffy face.
I want do do a simple portrait of you.
I want to do a crazy, experimental art portrait of you.
I want to use a photo of you as a reference to transform you into a mystical alien.
I want to draw you two, you cute/cool/quirky couple. simply and neatly or using any of these styles.
I want to know what space you have on your wall so I can size it to fit.

meanwhile, I'm sitting over here, really shy and kind of socially awkward and I really appreciate a chance to chat and share ideas.

Ultimately I plan to gather up a lot of examples of the kinds of artwork I can do and post these on Etsy for sale using money. I am not sure if that's going to be as much fun because I'll meet different kinds of people who aren't in to share as much as Simbi folk are. But it'll be nice to earn some money off my art cuz I gotta pay rent. Anyway, I'm not quite there yet and I'm willing to trade for a lot of different experiences or just plain Simbi.

I listef this at an hourly rate. I have to tell you that, at a minimum, I will probably put 20 hours in. Thusly, my hourly rate is total BS because I don't feel okay charging 200 simbi for a 9" x 9" image. I will cut you a huge deal. I do want you to know that custom art is my whole life. I need fair compensation and I need to honor both you and your subject matter. I will probably have a good idea in advance of how long something will take and what materials I will use. We can figure that out when we talk and adjust our plan based in your simbi and/or trade budget. :)
As always with art I create, I pay for materials, you pay shipping.

Training & Qualifications

I am a lifelong artist. I want to be able to earn money off my art at some point although I'd like to imagine that a utopian dream of a fully functional, long term sustainable barter economy is something that I will get to live, haha. It's cool, though. I'm working toward getting a tattoo apprenticeship so I need to do a lot of art to keep getting my skills more mindful, precise and intuitive.

Please visit my handle @al3x1shhh on Instagram for my recent, finished artworks. Please note I just did 100 days of skulls so there are a lot of skulls. There's a lot more in between the cracks.

Availability & Preferences

Whenever, whenever. if I'm not free when I get your message, I'll write you back when I can. My schedule is self-made so it's very flexible.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Alexis

Orville received Session of Guide You to Getting a Good Tattoo from Alexis
Jan 06, 2017
Alexis, you have an amazing attention to detail and a desire to communicate. I very much appreciate that. You are full of ideas and passion. Thank more
Bobi received Hour of Custom Art; as yet undefined from Alexis
Dec 16, 2016
Alexis was a joy to work with! She is so very talented and creative! I basically gave her a blank slate for the portrait of my puppy and she so beauti...fully and accurately captured her entire personality! She was also very patient with my busy schedule! Thank you, Alexis for a beautiful portrait and a wonderful Simbi experience!show more
Kelsang Chitta provided Unit of Spiritual Counselor for Alexis
Dec 16, 2016
Kelsang Chitta provided Unit of Spiritual Counselor for Alexis
Dec 12, 2016
What a wonderful connection!
Kelsang Chitta provided Unit of Spiritual Counselor for Alexis
Nov 27, 2016
Alexis is a delight! full of life! A person I am happy to connect with!
Alycia received Hour of Custom Art; as yet undefined from Alexis
Nov 23, 2016
What a lovely person! I received some gorgeous art from Alexis. I would be happy to work with her again. :)
Moony received Help with Review The Myth of Gender book from Alexis
Oct 27, 2016
A treasure of light. Beautiful person to interact with.
Elizabeth received Unit of Tarot Reading from Alexis
Oct 25, 2016
Alexis was great to talk to - she was responsive to simbi messages and clear about the infomation/help she wanted from me for her Etsy endeavors. In ...return for an Etsy class, I received a Tarot reading from her. It was my first Tarot reading ever, but I was very pleased. She did a good job of explaining everything and had some excellent insights that were spot on. I would definitely work with her more
Theodore received Help with Red Panda Drawing / Painting from Alexis
Oct 23, 2016
AWESOME to work with, very detailed and beautiful work. Many many thanks! You're awesome and I appreciate you. Keep that sh*t up =)
Rico provided Unit of Shipping Business Knowledge for Alexis
Oct 20, 2016


Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

Alexis's other services

Fancified Portrait from Photo
I am a big fan of Simbiosis.

Fancified Portrait from Photo

Guide You to Getting a Good Tattoo
I am a big fan of Simbiosis.

Guide You to Getting a Good Tattoo

Tarot Reading
I am a big fan of Simbiosis.

Tarot Reading

About Alexis Heikkinen

Thirtysomething lady-of-sorts living in a trailer trying to get an apprenticeship to tattoo. I live with my boyfriend and his dog. I try to eat lots of vegetables. I like to paint and draw. ...I pretend to play the ukulele. I care a lot about people's feelings. Unless I'm really tired. I am really into meditation and tai chi. Technically I am a Reiki II practitioner but I do not actively practice. Man, I'd really like to start practicing Reiki again. That'd be nice. Why'd I ever stop? Why do we ever stop these things that are good for us? "no time." ha, like that's a real reason. man. dude. bro. filly. frilly bro. dude bro ladypants. Supposedly if I write enough about myself that will make my profile "stronger." if my profile isn't strong enough, it won't be able to lift an elevator of people targeted by the local supervillian. NOT THAT I'M SAYING I'M A SUPERHERO. I am NOT a superhero. NOR is my profile a superhero and myself a superhero's sidekick. that would be ridiculous. My superhero sidekick name is NOT Ridiculosa the Puffball. Seriously. Very often at night, I can hear coyotes howling. they're pretty amazing. they're like, "woo, we are alive, hey guys, check out this vole we just found. woo!" and my chihuahua doesn't know whether she wants to go join them or hide in terror. We like to keep her inside when they howl. And when the big Barred Owl is hooting. but it's cool, I support coyotes and owls existentially. they both like to announce that they are alive. that's a really good meditation practice: "breathe in: I am alive, breathe out: I celebrate being alive." that's a good one. golly gee whillakers, tho, there are so many good ones. so many. show more

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