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Bio Writing


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Your bio is your public statement of purpose, skill sets, and accomplishments. You need a bio that effectively conveys the what, how, and why of your offerings.

There’s something special about you, and statistically, your website’s About Page is where most of your site traffic will go to find out about your brand of special.

The world asks: What’s so special about you? Your bio is your response.

If you’re looking to use your bio to engage and convert its readers and listeners into customers, you need to express your uniqueness and convey your value. Think of your current bio as your grand entrance theme music. If that bio doesn’t make you want to relax your shoulders, raise an eyebrow, and give your gift with confidence, I can help you solve that problem.

Training & Qualifications

I am a digital content writer. I'm also an bestselling author who has presented keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops on radical self-expression, personal leadership, and writing on college campuses, and several women’s summits and blogging conferences. My work has been featured in Essence and Real Simple magazines, and I've written for,,, and, among others. Lastly, I'm a regular contributor to the world’s largest feminist media site,, and I also write regularly at

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Akilah

Joanna received Unit of Bio Writing from Akilah
Apr 19, 2017
I had pleasure to work with. The service was professional and in timely manner.
Alex received Unit of Bio Writing from Akilah
Apr 04, 2017
Akilah has a refined process for writing amazing bios. I needed a bio for my business web sight when I was swamped with work, but of course, writing i...s not one of my "speediest" gifts. Furthermore, it is very difficult for me to write about yourself. I answered Akilah's questionnaire honestly, and the result was bio that really makes my best attributes shine that also sales me in my profession. Best of all, the first draft was completed faster than it would have taken me to get the first couple of sentences down on my own. I am incredibly grateful for Akilah's help, and I can wait to impress my clients with my fancy bio. I highly recommend Akilah .show more
Ashley provided Hour of Administration Services for Akilah
Mar 22, 2017
I felt honored to work with Akilah. She is a very kind person and a great communicator.
Jessie provided Help with Pull 9 Quotes From My Podcast for Akilah
Mar 17, 2017
Thanks again, Akilah! Great to work with as always.
Liz provided Help with Transcribe Podcast Episodes for Akilah
Mar 12, 2017
What a great experience! Thank you, Akilah, for letting me be a small part of your fascinating world. I will definitely be sharing your podcast with m...y loved ones and I wish you the best of luck with your family and spreading your ideas far and wide :)show more
Jessie provided Help with Pull 9 Quotes From My Podcast for Akilah
Mar 09, 2017
Another excellent interaction with Akilah. Thank you for letting me be involved (in a tiny way) in the work that you do!
Tyler received Session of Professional Youth Voice Overs from Akilah
Mar 09, 2017
Akilah and Marley did an amazing job at getting back to me with a product that was just incredible! A true young talent! Will definitely be using thei...r services again :) show more
Jessie provided Help with Pull 9 Quotes From My Podcast for Akilah
Mar 07, 2017
I hope to work with Akilah again in the future. Such a pleasure to see the amazing work she is doing in the field of alternative education and with he...r own more
Christophor provided Help with Create an Instagram promo video for Akilah
Feb 24, 2017
Akilah came to me with a very precise piece of video editing which I was able to quickly turn around into a finished project. She's very good at commu...nicating what it is she needs and is a pleasure to work more
Hollie provided Unit of Pinterest Cleanup & Optimization for Akilah
Feb 05, 2017
Fabulous person to work with! Fast response and great communication!


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I am so happy to be part of a space where money doesn't stop us from engaging in great work! I'm seeing great ideas and I have some of my own. In this space, I'll get to cultivate that work for mys...

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I am so happy to be part of a space where money doesn't stop us from engaging in great work! I'm seeing great ideas and I have some of my own. In this space, I'll get to cultivate that work for mys...

About Akilah Richards

I started out as an independent author; hired an indie publishing company to help produce my first print book in 2007. It was my first public stance on integrating authentic living with mindful Like all my books, (I’ve written seven more since then) it was a result of me questioning my current situation, wanting something different, and wondering how the hell I could get from my then-current circumstance to the space I wanted to be in. I started blogging about the same topic I wrote about in the book, and in a couple years, I was featured in a major magazine. I started working with a few brands, wrote a couple more books, started doing public speaking at small events, and eventually went into life coaching, working with women looking to make shift from day jobs they hated to entrepreneurship doing work they loved, living lives that matched up with how they wanted to see themselves. As a life coach, I was in the Emotional Wellness business, and that work was fulfilling. It taught me a lot about how our unresolved feelings, our backstories, and in many cases, our childhood experiences could serve as tools to power us up in adulthood, or hold us back from really owning ourselves and taking charge of our own lives. The work transitioned from a focus on managing and naming emotions, to exploring and expressing the things that define us, and the things that have the most powerful influence over our choices. I took to calling that work/practice Radical Self-Expression. Through the practice, I worked with hundreds of women—in person, through books, online courses, and virtual coaching—to make space for deep self-study, including recognizing our natural patterns and core values, and getting comfortable with expressing and protecting our needs inside our relationships. For me, radical self-expression work over the past six years led me to participate in my own liberation, and that of my children, with their father, my partner, by embracing self-directed education in the form of Unschooling. Unschooling isn’t just about education and children, it’s about how adults and children live together, and how adults and children get to be themselves while they learn, grow, and define themselves. My partner and I are entrepreneurs who see the importance of being producers, not just consumers. As people of color, we see the urgency in learning how to prioritize an understanding of how to provide for ourselves and contribute to our communities without relying so heavily on someone to employ us, or someone to fund our school district, or someone to see the value in our lives. For my family, unschooling is a tool for decolonizing our education and liberating ourselves from oppressive, exclusive systems. We believe in learning and living with education as an organic process that cannot reach its heights if it’s confined to a particular curriculum or set of instructions. It has to happen organically, with support and encouragement from our communities, and trust in our children to articulate their needs, and our ability to observe and support without trying to mold them into something they are not. By researching, reporting on, and facilitating discussion around unconventional parenting and lifestyle choices for people of color in particular, I join the many others who have been working to create space for themselves to live, learn, and thrive in healthy relationships with children. Essentially, I'm a content writer and writing consultant helping business owners stand above the crowd with engaging, SEO-friendly, web and print copywriting. Social justice storyteller with a keen focus on centering the voices of people of color in the self-directed education movement, particularly unschooling. ★ Who I Serve ★ Small-business owners, non-profit organizations, online course creators, authors, and digital content writers. I also work with individuals transitioning out of one industry into another, for example: transitioning servicewomen, recent college graduates, and employees turned entrepreneurs. SKILL SETS: ★ Content Writing ★ • Expert level writing skills with demonstrated ability to write engaging web copy • Knowledge of SEO and ability to produce keywords for products added to site • Familiarity with web analytics and tracking methodologies • Proficient in Web publishing and syndication ★ Consulting ★ • Translating data into compelling written content • Refining professional bios to reach target market(s) • Non-fiction book and blog series writing • Online course content creation • Podcast scripts ★ Workshop Facilitation ★ • Writing Bios That Sell • Exploring Radical Self Expression • Embracing Spiritual Entrepreneurship • Transitioning into Unschoolingshow more

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