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Fresh Roasted 100% Organic Coffee


25 simbi per unit

I will roast a fresh batch of coffee just for you.
Using my Commercial-Grade SonoFresco hot air coffee roaster.

Current Offerings Include: (Choose 1)
Peruvian - Light/Med Roast 8 oz. (This roast has notes of caramel, chocolate and a clean crisp finish.)
Colombian - Med. Roast 8 oz.(This bean has been noted to impart mild chocolate flavor, a hint of molasses & honey)
Ethiopian - Medium Roast 8 oz. (This one may have hints of blueberry, with light floral notes. A complex cup.)
Honduran - Medium Roast 8oz. (This one is my favorite morning cup. With notes of: chocolate, molasses, mild fruit overtones and a well balanced body.)
This list may change/expand or contract based on coffee growing/harvest season and availability.
(Also special roast blends may be added. Check back here for updates.)

Your coffee is guaranteed to be roasted fresh immediately upon receipt of your order.
All orders to ship within 48 hours.
Shipping is included.

I cup all coffee for quality prior to shipment.
All reviews to-date have been good.

All coffee that I roast is 100% Organic & FTO Fair Trade Certified.
I mostly source my coffee beans from small family run co-ops.

I enjoy roasting the freshest, most flavorful coffee I can source.
As a conissuer and one who loves to indulge, myself.

My Backstory:
I bought a high quality commercial grade coffee roaster recently after months of planning and preparation to start my own coffee roasting business. Dream 'a Coffee. Borne of my passion for roasting high grade, specialty coffee and sharing it with the world. I've since undertaken other endeavors and put the coffee business on hold.

While putting my passion for good coffee on the back-burner, I must admit it's waned a bit and I've wondered whether it's something I still want to pursue full time. This hobby of mine that began back in 2012. Evolving from coffee drinker to home roaster to maybe? Full fledged business.

Enter Simbi.
Now that I've discovered Simbi and my mind is already reeling from all of the possibilities here.
A deep passion has been reignited. I feel as though we are all on the precipice here, of something BIG!

The potential for growth and positive relationships built on trust, trade, fairness and respect are no doubt set to sky-rocket and may even shake the very foundations of society.
This is what excites me above all else;
Being able to share my passions, hobbies, talents mutually with all of you in this new sharing economy.

So, for my first service here on Simbi I'm going to revisit my passion for coffee, to share it with all of you.
While making good use of these coffee beans.

Thank you for your interest.
Viva' La Simbi!

Where have you bean?
The future is here and it's gooooood. :)

Training & Qualifications

I am A Specialty Coffee Roaster with over 1-year experience.
To date, my roasts have all garnered good reviews.

Availability & Preferences

My availability varies. Hit me up. I may be on. :)

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Adam

Marie received Unit of Fresh Roasted 100% Organic Coffee from Adam
Oct 02, 2016
Excellent coffee is a comfort in the morning. Treat yourself!
Susan provided Unit of Logo Design for Adam
Oct 01, 2016
Enjoyed working with Adam on the design of a logo for him. He gave a great description of what he was looking for, which made my job easier. Would def...initely recommend him for future more
Zach provided Unit of Free Association for Adam
Sep 23, 2016
Adam really has his hands full but he's a great guy.
Michaela received Session of Ask A Viking from Adam
Sep 23, 2016
What a wonderful answer to my question 😊
Rhiannon provided Session of Let me read your future! for Adam
Sep 22, 2016
Friendly, clear, and communicative!
Mike provided Session of How to become successful on simbi for Adam
Sep 21, 2016
Adam is my new Simbi pal for sure. Great guy!
Mike received Session of Biohacker at your service from Adam
Sep 21, 2016
Adam has great advice and I am going to take it into account starting tomorrow. It was perfect timing as I am going to go camping alone for a few days..., and it will be a great opportunity to try it out. Thanks!show more
Drew received Session of Biohacker at your service from Adam
Sep 21, 2016
He is great! Excited to read his ebook.
Dan received Session of Biohacker at your service from Adam
Sep 21, 2016
Adam delivered what he promised, yet it was more than I expected. Quite interesting. I already incorporate his great suggestions and recommend them.
Jennay received Unit of Fresh Roasted 100% Organic Coffee from Adam
Sep 18, 2016
Friendly Service, Premium Product, Very pleased. Thank you!
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