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Apathy Training


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Hi, I'm Thilo. I'm an expert in doing whatever the hell I want. In fact, I can't remember a day in which I didn't do exactly what I felt like at every moment. Who can deny that's the best way to live? All those self help books that say "stop caring what other people think," they are spot on. Mooshy, pandering, and pathetic in execution, but conceptually spot on.

This isn't to say I never care about anything, it's that I only care if I WANT to care. If I feel like being nice, I do. Only a sociopath lunatic would suppress caring if that's what they felt like.

And I'm assuming you don't want to be a sociopath, though I can teach you that too for double rates.

So here's the message - care when you feel like it, and don't care when you don't. It's that simple. Or maybe it's not that simple, I actually don't really care care how simple it is.

See what I did there??!?!

There are not many people out there who can manifest such lackadaisical finesse as I.

And if you want to learn, I'll teach you. Maybe. Message me. Or don't. And if you don't message me, then I've obviously already taught you everything you need to know.

Training & Qualifications

Over two decades of daily applied apathy and assholism.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

About Thilo Savage

Barter-based economy is a foolish and tired idea. The natural progression of resource exchange is creation of a base metric of value, i.e. money. Gold works, but it's too heavy. Dollar bills are okay.... I'd prefer hemp hearts. When Simbi announces that hemp hearts have replaced "Simbi" as the base granularity of value then I will consider taking this site seriously. In fact, just pay me in hemp more

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