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Android dominates smartphone market


1 for fulfilling my request - Virtual OK - Posted May 26, 2022

For every ShopSavvy client with an iPhone there are four who have an Android phone. Our downloads per stage are maintaining this disparity. We supposed we were just popular on Android, but there is something much larger, going on. Consumers are flocking to Android in droves!

When I first started talking to folks in the Bay Area back in 2008 and 2009 I suggested that Android’s marketshare might eventually overtake the iPhone. I recall one meeting I had with several executive at Amazon who claimed they had never seen anyone with an Android phone. No one believed that Android had a chance – especially when they compared the G1 to the first iPhone (the G1 was a horrible phone). Fast forward to 2011, to quote Henry Blodget, “Android is Destroying Everyone, Expecially RIM, iPhone Dead in Water!”

ComScore is reporting the following market share numbers:

- Google 33%
- RIM 29%
- Apple 25%
- Microsoft 8%
- Palm 3%

I mentioned these numbers to some of my Apple-fanboy friends (and even a few folks at and their response was along the lines of, “Bullshit.” They don’t believe Android is making the sort of inroads it is obviously making. Our numbers support this trend.

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Brave Android Users: Beta is Available

It isn’t the Android Market yet, but for those of you willing to help us find bugs the beta is for you.

The two big updates to the Android client this release are:

- We’ve reset the Welcome Sequence flow so that it’s re-shown to users again; this is to help try to bump user regs
- We’ve introduced the new Social Photos concept. You can find this by tapping into a product details page, and then tapping on the new “Activity” button in the bottom right. You’ll then be brought to the new photos carousel where you can view, and thumbs-up photos that you like. Or, you can add your own. This is the start of our new ShopSavvy Open Graph features that will become the foundation for our community framework going forward. Missing in this beta is the “Report this photo”, which will be a small icon at the top right corner of each photo that allows community enforcement of which photos are inappropriate. Those reported photos will go into a photo moderation tool that will allow us to review and take action as needed.
- We’ve done some adjustment to the location logic in this version. This should be fairly transparent, but let us know if you even notice the updates.

Please take a look and let us know what you like, don’t like, or any bugs you encounter. This is a Beta release so you WILL find bugs, but please report anything you find to me. We want to make sure all buggy scenarios are covered in the final release next week.

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