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Spiritual Tarot (OtherLife)


40 simbi per unit - Virtual OK

I will help you either:
Get a reading regarding a spirit,
Help you communicate with a spirit through tarot.

If you're looking for a normal Tarot reading regarding you only and not a spirit, please visit my other service:

You must know exactly who you're wanting to get a reading on or contact. Don't make me do "spirit readings for fun." I know spirits enjoy communication, but some of them enjoy too MUCH communication, haha.
A spiritual reading can mean anything like see if they have a message for you, how they're doing, and stuff like that. Generally to see if they have anything to speak with you about.
Communication is generally for if YOU have a question for them, You can ask if questions, just a general question, etc.
We can discuss more if you'd like.

Please be aware:
I am the only one who will have an open spirit door. The spirit will not be able to "take you over" or speak with you, they can only do those things to me. I do protect myself before readings though.
No you don't have to worry about putting me in danger. I am the one who interests in these things so it is a personal consequence. "I asked for it."

The price for this is a bit higher since it is spirit communication.

Training & Qualifications


I'm still a tad unexperienced with spiritual channeling (Receiving messages in my mind from spirits), but I'm very experienced with tarot. I want you guys to help me expand my experience with spirits. I don't want to only understand them now, I am ready for more.

I have a very full understanding and know lots and lots about the spiritual world, or what I call, the other life.
I even offer a service "understanding the other life."
I have been studying wicca, the other life, and all readings for a very very long time. (I'd say since I was quite young; maybe around 8 years old?) (I'm not a psychic yet, or a "full wiccan," but I understand the ways of it.)
Tarot is a very fun way to handle things that I need to handle, and I very much enjoy spiritual things. Especially Tarot readings.

I am an empath, so doing these virtually is absolutely no problem to me.
Being an empath also allows me to understand basically what your reading is fully about.
I am certainly someone you can trust to explain your question to and outcomes of cards (or why you got those card(s) ) if you wish to.

I haven't gotten one inaccurate tarot reading. My energy and intuition are both very reliable.

Availability & Preferences


Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Skylar

Leah received Help with Minecraft PE Expert from Skylar
Sep 09, 2016
Thanks, Skylar.
Kristan provided Help with Page Advertising for Skylar
Sep 07, 2016
Skylar is a hard worker and very gifted communicator.
April received Session of Tarot Reading (Long or Short) from Skylar
Aug 31, 2016
Skylar was very informative. He helped me to validate a few things. Skylar responded to service request very promptly.
Caleb provided Help with Page Advertising for Skylar
Aug 31, 2016
Skylar is extremely well versed and has an open and caring heart. I was impressed with talents related to counseling.
Felisa received Package of Piercings from Skylar
Aug 29, 2016
He was hygenic (very important when doing piercings), professional, and patient. I would happily trade with him again.
Kimberly Ciummo
Kimberly received Session of Tarot Reading (Long or Short) from Skylar
Aug 24, 2016
Her reading was not accurate but she is a very nice person
Ashley provided Help with Help with a cavity for Skylar
Aug 20, 2016
Skyler is very friendly and pleasant to speak to :)
Matt provided Help with Help with a cavity for Skylar
Aug 20, 2016
Skylar was easy to work with
Daniel provided Help with Needing Java & JavaScript Tutorials for Skylar
Aug 19, 2016
Skylar is a fantastic learner! Very pleased in general with the fantastic responsiveness and general awesomeness!
Dylan provided Help with Computer Repair (Major) for Skylar
Aug 17, 2016
Great to work with!


Clarinell Vega
Clarinell Vega wrote a recommendation for Skylar Martinez
Aug 15, 2016

I have completed more than one exchange with Skylar and he is always such a pleasure to work with. He is a talented individual and an all-around good person. I would highly recommend Skylar for anything you need to get done :)

Ann Pham wrote a recommendation for Skylar Martinez
Jul 27, 2016

I recommend working with Skylar, a rule breaker, a creator and a really great friend!

Daniel Wright wrote a recommendation for Skylar Martinez
Jul 04, 2016

Skylar is the bee's knees! ^_^

He is a very insightful young man and has quite a story to tell! I love meeting other people that are willing to wear their heart on their sleeves, and I ESPECIALLY love people that are willing to use their story to educate those who want to listen.

Thank you for your time, Skylar!

Looking forward to that Typeracing session!!!! ^_^

David Blackwell wrote a recommendation for Skylar Martinez
Jun 17, 2016

Very friendly and easy to understand, helped with an issue and clarified what I was looking for

Skylar Martinez wrote a recommendation for Skylar Martinez
Jun 17, 2016


Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

Skylar's other services

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Minecraft Administration

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Understanding the "Other Life"
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Understanding the "Other Life"

Skylar's requests

Skylar is requesting
Develop more psychic abilities.
So, I've mastered Tarot and energy with tarot, but I want to get much more advanced. Ive read tutorials and such, but I've always been a tutor person. Tarot was the only thing I could do without a tutor for some reason. I want to be able to develop many psychic abilities as I can. I can trade a service of mine or simbi for lessons.

Money is overrated!
Skylar is requesting
Need someone to teach me Voodoo.
I need someone to teach me the lines of Voodoo. Don't question the dangers of it, please, just looking for a voodoo teacher. I want to know every aspect of it inside and out. Please teach me what it is, where it originated, how to do different types of voodoo, and so on. Simbi / trade will be discussed.

Money is overrated!
Skylar is requesting
Made Book
I need help with making a small book. I already have all of the contents of the book, I just need it made. I don't have a printer :P I'd like if you could ship it to me. I'll tell you exactly what I want in everything. I don't necessarily need colour on the book, but it'd be nice. I can trade simbi or services.

Money is overrated!

About Skylar Martinez

Hi! My name is Skylar. Woah, I really make too many services and requests. I just really enjoy trades and business haha :) I'm an empath! I absolutely LOVE drag queens! I am a transgender-ma...le. You may see some females in the photos I use that look similar; those are all done by me before my new "transition." All the services I offer are practiced, and I know what I am doing. I would never offer a service if I didn't understand what I was doing inside and out. PS: If you match with me and are interested in my service, start a conversation with me!show more

Open to other proposals
Skylar Martinez is looking for:
  • Counseling & Therapy
  • Wellness: Other
  • Life Coaching
  • Hair styling
  • Style & Fashion