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Creative Consulting


50 per session Virtual OK

Is there something you want to make? Or perhaps a problem you want to solve? Confused about some aspect of your life?
I may be able to help.

I'm not here to tell you what to do, only you, are qualified to do that.
i'm here to help you see your self, from a perspective removed, from the complications, of your situation.

Simply put, I listen, ask questions. All the while, trying to understand your goals, methods, or issues.
As we go, I will draw visual diagrams, while communicating back and forth with you, to create an easy to understand visual breakdown, of whatever issues, or idea's you wish to work on.
In essence, I am offering to be an extension, to your mind, and will, for a limited amount of time.

*This service is a "1 Hour" "trial" consultation.*
It can be used to solve specific issues on a case by case basis, or if you have more complex interlocking issues that you would like to get sorted out, it can be used to determine whether my ongoing support matches your long term needs.
(I may extend our session length, at my sole discretion, if it interests me.)

If you feel that the "Map" is accurate, we will then move on, to determining what course of action you want to take, in response to the new understanding of your situation.

The goal is that, by the time we are done, you should have a map, of where you stand, where you want to get, and a plan of action, for how to get there.

If you need a fresh perspective, I may be able to help.
All the best,

Training & Qualifications

My background:
I am almost entirely self educated. (though even self education, involves learning from others.)
I wasn't just home schooled I was no-schooled. Meaning that I was left to learn, through naturally guided exploration.
almost everything I have, I've had to struggle for. This has given me a very different, perspective on things.
I was given the freedom to question, Things others take for granted, along with the time to come to my own conclusions.
This odd education of mine, has given me, both advantages, and disadvantages. The advantages, I value all the more, because each one, was a battle hard won.
While I would not recommend this style of education to any parent, I am very thankful to have had such a unique chance given to me. (Thanks mom!)

My Skills:
Visual Drafting
A picture is worth a thousand words. Being able to take, what is in my mind, and quickly make it real, is a powerful tool.
it allows for the quick development, communication, and analysis of idea's.

Outsider Perspective
We all have preconceived idea's, and assumptions, myself included. Those assumptions are often what is blinding us, from finding our path.
Stepping outside of all frameworks, and observing with clarity, is the most valuable skill I possess.

Multi-Lateral Thinking
Looking at things from multiple perspective can bring it from a two dimensional perspective, into a three dimensional one.
This can bring into view, things that could not have been seen, from either viewpoint alone.

Critical Analysis
Which is mightier, the pen, or the sword?
My answer is "Neither".
The mightiest blade, is a "Question". by which, the mind may cut through uncertainty.
For a well placed question, can cut to the heart, of any matter.

Availability & Preferences

5am-6pm Eastern Time
check with me, to schedule a time.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.