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60-Min. Breathwork Session via Zoom


100 per hour Virtual OK

During this one hour session we will: Meet one-on-one for a session and I'll teach you the breathing technique, help you set an intention, you'll breathe for 20-40 minutes, and we will process through words or art-making.

I facilitate a type of breathwork known as Revelation Breathwork which is an active breathing technique. During breathwork, we can open to the potential of transformative experiences by creating a time to disconnect from our thoughts, tune into the body, move energy, hold space for emotions, and actively work toward our healing.

This practice involves continuous breathing through the mouth using a breathing technique. This process creates an opportunity to place our trust in the body and to let go of judgements and expectations in favor of being fully present.

Breathwork can be a powerful way to help us tune into our intuition by creating openness to experience and higher knowing. The process often leads to a sense of emotional release that feels like lightness and clarity. Revelation Breathwork invites you to fully inhabit the body, explore lesser-used neural networks, and to tune into the self deeply and wholly.

What happens to my body during breathwork?
When you begin breathwork, the oxygen level will increase in your blood. You might notice your brain feeling like it’s not as in control as you are used to, which can lead to feeling some resistance to the process. Sometimes, people experience somatic cues that the body is moving toward a different consciousness experience such as feeling like your body is pulsing with energy. The body may want to shake or move and release energy. Breathwork feels different for everyone, but many people notice a heightened awareness of the body and have the feeling that they are fully present in it.

Revelation Breathwork will meet you where you are and provide you with the experience you need. Know that the body is here to do healing work and trust in it’s deep wisdom of providing for you. All you have to do is surrender to receiving what you are offered.

What will I do in a breathwork session?
Each session differs as we show up differently to the practice every time we engage in it, but the practice does not change greatly from session to session.

We may begin the practice with a grounding meditation. You’ll be asked to lay down and to set an intention for the practice. We may work with ongoing themes from previous sessions or choose to address something new each time.

The breathwork happens through the mouth and is done laying down. For first-timers, I’ll provide a short introduction explaining how to do the active breathing technique. You’ll be breathing actively for 15-40 minutes depending how long of a session we’ve scheduled. While you breathe, we’ll be listening to upbeat music played at a loud volume.

After you finish the active breathing, you’ll be invited to return to your normal pace of breathing. During this time, feelings of openness and expansion are common. You might notice yourself having insights, reveling in blissful peace, or receiving information from your higher self or power. I might recommend journaling, art making, or invite discussion into this portion of the experience.

Post-session, you might notice that you feel more ‘open’ than usual. This is an invitation to practice deep self care and honor the body and mind as you integrate the experience.

What does it feel like?
There’s no answer to that question because experiences differ for each individual each time they practice.

I find that those who remain open-minded and try to let go of expectations are able to accept the depth of the experience. It might be peaceful and blissful, intense and exhausting, or a range. The experience is an invitation to be open to the possibilities of the work unfolding in its own time. I believe that whatever experience you have is the one you most need...but sometimes our perception of our lived experience does not fit with what we wish it to be.

You might experience:

Stiffening of certain areas such as hands, arms, feet, lips, mouth.
Tingling in certain areas or all over
Temporary light-headedness from increased oxygen intake
Shaking or a sense of physical vibration. Your body will know exactly the movements it need to make...just let it!
Sense of release with laughing, crying, screaming, or other sounds.
Fluctuations in the temperature of your body. Many people report feeling hot and/or cold.
Heightened emotions
Afterward, you might notice a sense of clarity that you did not begin with, desire to be creative or write, or a deep sense of restedness.

What if it’s too intense?
You’re in control of breathwork. If you feel overwhelmed in a way that seems too uncomfortable, you can take a rest from breathing. This control of the process can be empowering in that you are TRULY in charge of the work. As a facilitator, I assist in the process but you are controlling your experience. The breath provides a tool to explore your inner landscape, but the true work is receiving the experience.

Are there benefits?
According to participants of Revelation Breathwork some experiences may include:
heightened sense of embodiment
an improved quality of sleep
feelings of experiencing an energetic shift
a sense of empowerment on your healing journey
feelings of release surrounding long-held emotions
decrease in feelings of depression
increased connection to intuition
deeper connection to personal sense of meaning or purpose
decreased negative thoughts
increased connection to self on somatically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
Who can use this practice?
The practice offers effective tools for navigating the ups and downs of everyday life. Breathwork is for anyone with a desire to integrate their body and mind, attain deeper self-awareness, elevate their capacity to heal or increase their overall health and spiritual well-being.

You might align with breathwork if you’re looking to:

*further your personal healing journey

*nourish your sense of curiousity

*decrease feelings of stress/anxiety

*explore your consciousness

* connect with your creative spirit

*develop a more fulfilling lifestyle

* cultivate a relationship to change

*let go of emotional stuckness

*connect with your spirit

*feel invigorated on your healing journey

*have mystical experiences

*feel empowered

If you have medical conditions or take medication, speak with your doctor before starting this practice. As part of the experience may involve physical/emotional release, intense experiences are not uncommon. This practice is not advised for anyone with cardiovascular disease (history of heart attack, angina, high blood pressure etc.), retinal detachment, recent surgery, recent physical injuries, seizure disorder, severe mental illness, family history of aneurysms.

Those with asthma should consult their primary care provider and bring an inhaler if they choose to participate in breathwork.

Due to the intensity of the practice and out of an abundance of caution and loving care, I do not offer breathwork to people who are pregnant. There are many healing-related practices that can be used safely with pregnant individuals so please explore other methods that feel aligned.

Please note, I have a 48 hour cancellation policy for cancellations or rescheduling. I charge full Simbi fee or trade for cancellations with less than 48 hour notice. This allows me to protect my time and schedule and to be able to offer the space to others when available.

Are you ready to try this? Let's talk!

Training & Qualifications

Trained Facilitator of Revelation Breathwork

Availability & Preferences

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday Afternoons, and Weekend Afternoons

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Oliv

Jul 11, 2020
Oliv was very understanding and very sweet person.
Wendy provided session of 50-Minute Psychic Reading for Oliv
Jun 28, 2020
Such a pleasure working with Oliv! Easy to talk to and such a genuine soul. Thank you Oliv!


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Hi, I'm Oliv... I'm guided by the belief that searching within ourselves allows us to change our relationship to the outer world in ways that help us feel aligned, alive, and in-tune with the essence... of ourselves. This work allows me to hold space for deep shifts toward well-being, encourage vulnerability on others journey inward, and to nourish the healer within each individual. I hope to offer breathwork to help others connect and tap into their power as a self-healer. I look forward to hearing from you! Please note, I have a 48 hour cancellation policy for cancellations or rescheduling. I charge full Simbi fee or trade for cancellations with less than 48 hour notice. This allows me to protect my time and schedule and to be able to offer the space to others when available. In addition to this non-clinical work, I also work as a clinical counselor and mental health therapist in a holistic, compassionate, and strengths-focused framework. *Please note, that I cannot offer breathwork services in a non-clinical relationship such as the one offered on Simbi to my current counseling clients due to concerns surrounding the creation of a dual relationship. show more

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