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Soul Reconnection Sessions


60 per unit Virtual OK

Help you deal with spiritual blockages and connect back to your life path and operate in your purpose.

I am an Intuitive Soul Coach who has developed my own system through many different spiritually scientific methods such as astro psychology, tarot/oracles.
This was developed through combination of my own life lessons through my own journey and the study of psychology, astrology and clairvoyance and clearaudience.

It is now becoming a popular method of therapy as It is definitely very abstract and a more affective way to understand the energy behind a clients behaviour.
Many people just FEEL the emotions but not understand what is there or how to move forward
Soul Reconnection is a service that reconnects you back to the essence of your soul and soul purpose so you can continue back on your life path
Bit of clarity...
Im not here to tell you the future...
I am a soul reconnection coach and use different scientific systems to understand the essence of what is taking place
Natal charts look at the positions of the planets when you were born
Every planet, star, moon etc all has its on vibrational frequency and so do we
When we were born we act out those frequencies through our behaviour
Its astropsychology.. understanding the energy behind your behaviour..
So what i do is bring peoples focus to their life lessons,
Who the core of themself is the subconcious mind and soul,
And their soul purpose which always 100% resonates with them coz they have FELT they were do something..
But their logical minds have taken over to where theyve created boxes to feel thats something they cant acheive..
I then use that as a basis for counselling affectively on a spiritual level to where the person then feels understood and then can see where they would have created these blocks and remove them themselves
It is then clarified with readings that will help home in on what should be the over focus moving forward which is all of which is intuitive counselling..
Its bringing YOU to then point of innerstanding so YOU can overstand what your subconscious has been telling you along... but those mental blocks (will tell you from the session) keep preventing you from having the courage to believe your intuition is actually right..
Getting rid of the mental muck so that YOU can move forward.

So the ONLY thing I can do
Is give you the tools to reconnect back to self

Types of reading services offered with Soul-Reconnection:

Past present future
Love life and Relationships
Astrological Soul Maps
Year ahead reading
Child and parent astrology
Spiritual, mental and physical blockages
Spiritual gifts reveal
Karmic attachments and generational curse diagnosis
Soul purpose/mission
Hidden aspects of self
Dream Interpretation

As well as having the reading, you will also be given the tools to go back and deal with issues directly.
You also have the opportunity to join a soul reconnection self mastery program which can assist you through your ascension for a period of time

Training & Qualifications

5 years Psychic experience
Qualified Reiki Practioner

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


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