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Social Networking for Women in Biz


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The world is becoming increasingly connected. For women in business, social networking tools are an excellent way to promote your message.

Use these tools to:
+ Extend your company's brand and find your community of clients where they work and play
+ Develop a community of fans and followers for your organization
+ Communicate, collaborate, and join forces with like-minded individuals who share your interests

The purpose of this handbook is to help you navigate through the world of social networking and social media. Easy-to-use tips and tools give you concrete information on how to build a valuable professional social network online. Learn social networking basics, ideas on how to connect, guidelines on what to post, etiquette, specific recommendations on how to expand your network, and ideas on using metrics to understand the success of your social networking strategy.

136 pages, PDF format (sent as a downloadable file through the Simbi platform)

Chapter 1: Social Networking Basics
Your Social Self is not your Real Self - or is it?
Tip 1: Preparing - Get your Data Together
Tip 2: Content is Key: 5 Questions to Answer
Tip 3: Simple is Better: Boldly Go Forward
Summary to Keep in Mind: Stick to the Basics

Chapter 2: How to Connect
Why Connect? Reasons to Build your Network
Tip 4: Share it: Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Tip 5: Create it: Original Research Matters
Tip 6: Recycle it: Re-posting Information
Tip 7: Answer it: Your Knowledge is Valuable
Tip 8: Talk it: Offline and Online Efforts
Summary to Keep in Mind: How to Connect

Chapter 3: What to Post
Be a Resource to your Customers
Tip 9: Links: Feed your Community
Tip 10: Ideas: Hash it Out
Tip 11: Events: What’s Happening?
Tip 12: Values: Take a Stand
Summary to Keep in Mind: What to Post

Chapter 4: Etiquette and Maintenance
Connecting means Showing you Care
Tip 13: How to Meet People Online and Offline
Tip 14: How to Treat People Online and Offline
Tip 15: Pinging the People in your Network
Summary to Keep in Mind: Etiquette and Maintenance

Chapter 5: Expanding your Network
Cultivating your Community
Tip 16: Planting: Growing your Social Network
Tip 17: Tending: Fostering Relationships
Tip 18: Pruning: Refining your Search
Tip 19: Harvesting: Saying Thank You
Tip 20: The Cycle Continues
Summary to Keep in Mind: Expanding your Network

Chapter 6: Measuring Data
How to Inform your Decisions
Tip 21: How to use Metrics
Tip 22: Understanding your Data
Summary to Keep in Mind: Measuring Data

Chapter 7: Final Tips
Additional Expert tips
Tip 23: Begin with the End in Mind
Tip 24: Honesty is the Best Policy
Tip 25: Collaboration and Competition
Summary to Keep in Mind: Your Social Profile Builds your Business


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