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Climbing Balance and Technique


20 per hour - - Posted Oct 25, 2016

This class is best for people who are climbing v1-v2, or 5.9-5.10a/b
Balance and Technique is usually a four session course with sessions being about 2 hours each but i can personalize it to what you need to know. A project should be sought out by the end of the first session (something to work towards.) There are drills that can be used with each week and i will give them if i see the need. Keep in mind that i will treat you guys just like my regular students and i will give you homework! The general lesson plan goes as such:

Week 1: We'll be going over foot placement and the anatomy of a climbing shoe. Foot placement is key to good climbing and knowing which part of your shoe to use is good to know as well. We'll be talking about when to use the inside/outside edge, how to smear, heel hooking, toe hooking, and the different types of foot matches depending on your position on the wall.

Week 2: We get to go over hand placement and neutral positions and key feet! A neutral position in climbing is a position where one can rest on the wall easily. These are more evidently seen in lead climbing where the climber clips into quickdraws as they scale the wall. A key foot is the foot that responsible for keeping you in that position. There are four main neutral positions, each with their own key feet! They go as follows: Downpull, Undercling, Sidepull, and Gaston.

Week 3: We got the feet, the hands, and the positions, but how do we piece the climb together? SEQUENCING. Week 3 is all about being making a game plan before we get onto the wall, especially if we're going to be on ropes. In order to do this, we'll break down your specific climb in a few parts. Going over move by move together, we make a blueprint of how we're going to climb the route envisioning the hard parts and rest spots!

Week 4: It's time to bring everything together! By now, you should have a project that you've been working on for a bit and we'll be spending the majority of our time working it out together. By the end of the session, you should be able to finish your project with grace! :)

Keep in mind that if you want to be on ropes, you will have to be top rope certified at Planet Granite or Touchstone climbing gyms.
Waiver must be signed prior to class!
Includes free entry to Planet Granite and shoe rental.

Training & Qualifications

I am a front desk supervisor/instructor at Planet Granite San Francisco. I've been climbing for a little over 4 years now but have been on climbing trips both domestic and internationally. My preference in climbing is to boulder (without ropes), however i love instructing and seeing people grow in the sport i love!

The classes i instruct are:
-Beginner Rock Climbing
-Bouldering Fundamentals
-Balance and Technique
-Intro to Belay

Availability & Preferences

Weekday morning/ early afternoons! Sundays after 6pm!

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


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