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Help You Parent in Partnership


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I will provide coaching and counsel on parenting in peace and respect according to the partnership paradigm. You can have harmony and peace in your family, meeting everyone's needs, and raise compassionate, respectful, confident, happy children without punishments and reward. Freedom to be who you need to be can be enjoyed by every family member without hierarchies and authority. I can counsel you in this regard whether you desire to unschool (either regular unschooling, or whole life learning/radical unschooling), or I can counsel you in how to mindfully parent in partnership with your schooled child. No one is perfect, but when there is compassion, respect, honesty, and authenticity, families thrive.

Training & Qualifications

It takes knowing the thing rejected to appreciate the thing accepted. I first raised two kids (now adults) using authoritative parenting styles. When I became pregnant with their little brother (the oldest is 18 years apart from him), I parented using attachment parenting practices, which then seamlessly transitioned into partnership principles. For nearly a decade (as of 2017), I have raised this third child in partnership as a whole life learner. I have been faced with the challenges of letting go of conditioned norms to embrace this alternative paradigm and now have the confidence and experience to help you through every aspect. I note that no human being is perfect, and partnership parenting is never perfect, either. However, it is far more connected and produces enduring relationships (and children who never need to rebel), and kids who mature into fully confident, responsible, respectful, productive, interdependent, and happy adults who do not struggle with generational dysfunction. You can also find me posting about whole life learning and living in partnership with children at maggieorganizingchaos on Facebook and via my blog @
"We are constantly reminded of our humanness in Whole Life Learning. It is like a truth field runs permanently through our lifestyle. I love this life and the growth that occurs all the time. Flow grows around us." ~maggieorganizingchaos

Availability & Preferences

Afternoons, Evenings.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Maggie

Cj sold CuppyCake Clippies to Maggie
Dec 07, 2016
Maggie is pleasant to work with, and was patient despite a lil delay in my delivery. Please do enjoy the cupcakes. Thank you.
Alexander bought Green and Topaz Bead Loose Choker from Maggie
Nov 21, 2016
Very nice choker!
Misty bought Polymer Cat Magnet from Maggie
Nov 20, 2016
I'm sorry!! It got here and I love it! Thank you so much.
Alycia bought DR WHO TEMPORARY TATTOOS from Maggie
Nov 14, 2016
Sent item from simbi market quickly, and was very friendly.
Kell-y sold Polymer Clay Hair Stick to Maggie
Nov 01, 2016
Maggie was extremely flexible and patient when the hairpiece I sent was broken in the mail. Very nice to work with. Many thanks!
Deb sold Aqua flower Earrings to Maggie
Oct 21, 2016
Quick and nice!
Deb sold Dark green Earthy Square earrings to Maggie
Oct 17, 2016
Great to work with!
Alexander sold Alchemy Palm Linocut/Letterpress to Maggie
Oct 17, 2016
Honored to have this piece shared with someone special!
Alira A received Help with Art Appraisal from Maggie
Oct 17, 2016
Maggie gave me an excellent and accurate appraisal for my art to help with insurance. She delivered her services on time and was very friendly. Thanks..., Maggie! show more
Candice received Unit of Custom Polymer Creations & Gifts from Maggie
Oct 15, 2016
Very excitedly waiting for my tardis ornament. Maggie is very sweet and punctual.


Moonchild Earthbeing wrote a recommendation for Maggie Simonsen
Oct 17, 2016

Very creative!

Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

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Custom Polymer Creations & Gifts

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Connections Are Everything!

Breastfeeding Support and Coaching

About Maggie Simonsen

Hi! I am the parent of a whole life learner / radical unschooler. I blog I support our lifestyle in part by selling our things on Ebay, making DIY jewelry and gifts, and doctoral dissertations. I want to expand my editing to include books, and more! I live at the base of Wyoming's Beautiful Big Horn mountains. I have an MFA in painting, but tend to use my intuitive knowledge for art more in decorating and organizing my visual life. I am into homesteading practices, but so far I have only perfected homemade apple cider vinegar and bone broth. As a kid, I loved to wander the woods alone where I grew up in SC, but now I get to wander the Big horns. In past lives I had a career in higher education, grant writing, and consulting. I also owned my own antiques store, complemented by a hunting and fishing supplies store, in southern Iowa for 5 years. I love Sy-Fy series and films and learning all my kid can teach me about his passions. I want to reduce and simplify , and SIMBI is a step in that process! show more

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