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Krystal dragon claw amulet


333 per item

Hand made polymer clay crystal dragon claw amulet. We have a collection of 50 unique pendants, crystal wrap and more.

Dragon Energy: Dragons are multi-dimensional beings, keepers of great wisdom and knowledge. We have created this collection of amulets with the intention to assist the anchoring of the incoming dragon energies. This high frequency supports one in clearing processes, bringing protective and caring energy. Every pendant represents a different dragon carrying its own skill set, elemental energy and insights to support its user achieve their greatest purpose in this experience.

Every piece is made with pure intention coming from the heart to bring support and healing to the carrier.

New life tie dye

You can visit our website to see the full collection :

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I will ship this item to you within 1-2 weeks

Reviews of Krystophe

Nov 12, 2019
Thank you so much for the Dragon amulets! The girls loved them.
Apr 27, 2019
Thank you so much! They are great:)
Hamza provided package of Attractive Modern Style Logo for Krystophe
Aug 16, 2021
Thanks! Krystophe.
Jared provided unit of 2 color Logo Design for Krystophe
Feb 28, 2020
Wonderful cummunicator conveyed his needs very clearly and was a pleasure. to work with. I hope to work with him in the future.
Nov 17, 2019
So glad to work with Krystophe and I wish him the best baking experiences! Thanks!
Chunky provided package of Set up a free Cryptourrency Miner for Krystophe
May 02, 2019
Another awesome Simbian!!!


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Krystophe G.

About Krystophe Gauthier

I am a passionate entrepreneur dedicating my energy to help a greener and more self-sustainable system come into reality. I created my own upcycled clothing business and have been selling my art/produ...cts in music festivals, art & crafts shows and different types of events for a number of years. This lifestyle lead me to do a lot of self discovery and research about our society and different lifestyle alternatives to be in balance with the Earth. Two years ago, I joined Talking Trees; a group of people dedicated to create a truly holistic community, their vision was deeply resonating with me and I decided to make it my new focus. Talking Trees vision is to bring to life an autonomous community of self-sustainable off-grid homes and businesses on commonly owned land while applying a contribution based system along with permaculture as core principles. We are envisioning a community where everybody contributes their talents and passions for the benefits of all in the community. We are now in the process of acquiring a property with other dedicated beings that want to be part of this vision, we hope to get the land this spring and start building later this year. The first structure to be built will be the community center, with the recycling facility planned as second. The recycling center will be able to recycle and re-purpose plastic, paper, soft metal, glass and produce electricity for the community. In this search for alternatives I found a lot of new ground breaking technologies, open source project and business model that I am sharing with this community so we have all the tool we need to develop a thriving environment for every individual to develop a its full potential. One of these open source projects is Precious Plastic. Precious plastic team has developed 5 small scale machines that are easy to replicate and are able to shred and melt most type plastic waste into new usable products and materials. We already have several products we want to be producing with these machine like plastic tiles, plastic lumber, lego type bricks, wire for 3D printers, plates and bowls and various objects that are needed in the development of our projects We are implementing businesses that addresses systemic issues and provide high return on investment. If you are interested to learn more about our projects visit our website www.talkingtrees.loveshow more

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