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Interior Design Consultation


35 simbi per session

I believe that humans are incredibly sensitive to their environments. We deserve to have homes which inspire us, make us happy, and bring out our best.

Not totally happy with your current setup, but don't know how to change it without spending an arm and a leg? Need to figure out a furniture layout, or just decide on an affordable way to change things up in a room? Don't know how to start or where to shop? That's where I come in. I can help you pinpoint your style and then decide on what upgrades and changes will you give you the biggest bang for your buck.

I've done interior design as a side hobby and business for several years, having designed beautiful, inviting spaces for a few small businesses and homes. I even ran a vintage furniture makeover side business for a while, and have a passion for incorporating stylish, well-made and affordable vintage pieces into modern designs. I can teach you how to DIY, or even do it myself!

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Training & Qualifications

Certificate in Interior Design, SRJC

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of KJ

AP provided Help with Simbi Community Ambassadors for KJ
Oct 26, 2016
Courteous and friendly :)
Arvin received Session of Home Organization Advisor from KJ
Oct 26, 2016
It was a pleasure working with KJ! Knowing everything I know from field, I have very little knowledge around home organization and decor. It was defin...itely a WIN to speak w/ KJ. Right now I am sitting behind my desk feeling way more relaxed and organized by having plenty more negative spaces around me. Kj pointed out some actionable steps that I immediately implemented on all except one. Can't wait to make the final change (painting my walls grey)!show more
Aaron provided Help with Interview a brand new user: 15 mins for KJ
Oct 25, 2016
Thanks KJ! Phone call was easy and quick, and KJ was nice and fun to talk to. Glad I could help!
Kimberly provided Help with Ideas to improve Simbi for KJ
Oct 24, 2016
Happy to help.
Therese provided Help with Ideas to improve Simbi for KJ
Oct 22, 2016
Thanks, KJ!
Brian provided Help with Ideas to improve Simbi for KJ
Oct 21, 2016
KJ is a class act. She is quick to respond, very thorough, values others input, and knows how to exceed expectations. Impressive!
Ilana provided Help with Ideas to improve Simbi for KJ
Oct 21, 2016
Yet another quick and great deal with KJ. Thank you for being so open to suggestions!
Alexis provided Help with Interview a brand new user: 15 mins for KJ
Oct 13, 2016
It was lovely speaking with KJ about my Simbi experience so far. I'm such a huge fan of her and her team's work, so the pleasure was all mine providin...g feedback. Thanks again!show more
Persephone provided Help with Ideas to improve Simbi for KJ
Oct 10, 2016
KJ is reliable, rational, and inspirational. I look forward to working with her more and feel blessed to be a part of her world changing plans.
Matt provided Help with Typographic Art Print: "Love Hole" for KJ
Oct 10, 2016
KJ is such a generous and positive person, love working with her.


Charlie Grimmett wrote a recommendation for KJ Erickson
Jun 16, 2016

Sometimes a person has a great vision and they really know how to get things done, but aren't very pleasant to be around. Maybe they never were pleasant to begin with, or they got jaded along the way and made themselves a little colder to protect themselves, or maybe they just don't have time for basic human interaction because of their insane schedules. KJ is not that person. Her vision is Simbi, and in the process of bringing it to life she hasn't lost sight of what it is all about: connecting with people and getting things done through that connection. Without that kind of positive attitude, Simbi doesn't work, at least not on a large scale. Whether you have a specific skillset you want to put to use, specific needs that haven't been met, or you just want to belong to a real community, I can't recommend KJ enough.

Xavier Helgesen wrote a recommendation for KJ Erickson
Jul 18, 2015

KJ has a heart the size of the Universe and an incredible sense of responsibility to other people and the world at large.

Jeff Mendelsohn wrote a recommendation for KJ Erickson
Feb 19, 2015

I met KJ through her fiance, Xavier. I immediately was drawn to her as a kindred spirit working to improve lives. She has the strength and power that comes from clear intention, and the capacity for being vulnerable and compassionate. She has diverse talents and I would highly recommend her services to the Simbi community.

Maria Springer wrote a recommendation for KJ Erickson
Feb 17, 2015

KJ is one of the most beautiful and intelligent human beings on this planet! Her interior decorating and organizational services are to die for. You'd be lucky to work with her. I give her a 10/10.

Join the TribeYou start with 100 once you join and offer a service.

About KJ Erickson

I feel like I have had many incarnations in this life. College dropout (eventually finished!), international development crusader, nonprofit entrepreneur, yogi and small business owner, student again..., and now trying to build a more abundant economy through more

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