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I was looking around and I saw a few people posting on how to do a business plan. So here are some pointers on what is in a business plan. Just read, it's free. Pass on the knowledge if it helped you.

There should be six sections to a business plan.
Section one – Project
Section two – Ownership and direction of the business
Section three – Market
Section four – Commercialisation plan
Section five – Resource plan
Section six – Financial plan

In the first section, you speak about the origins of the project. Where did you get the idea? Why? What will you offer your clients? What is your mission? What are your two-year outlook and objectives? What juridical aspect does your business have (permits, licences, laws which you should be aware in the city/town, province/state and country). There are three types of businesses personal enterprise, a society under a collective name, a company or society by actions… which type of business s yours. Is this the best type for the business that it is? Which are the benefits of each? Is this a start up project or are you buying from someone else? What is the history behind the business? Why do you want to start this business?

Section two is on the people who are involved. Who is involved in the structure of the company? Who directs the operations? Who owns the company or shares of the company? What competences, experience, qualities of the promoter? What are their leadership abilities? What contributions for each partner? Who can you count on for strategic resources?
You would annex in this section a resume (CV) Be specific for every position held in the company. If you know you have strengths in an area as entrepreneur, write them in. If you lack certain aspects, who can you get help from? Think financial aspects, marketing, activities, human resources, administration, legal, associations, coach or mentor, privileged contacts…

Section three is the Market. This is key before you venture out. Which sector of activity does your business fall under? What is the Scian code? What revenue does the industry bring in? How is this sector defined? Who is your competition? Analyse your competition. What are the advantages you offer? What sets you apart from your competition. Who is your ideal client? Analyse your client and their need. Which sector are they in? When you think of both your sector and your ideal client, what percentage is possible to go get? Estimate the percentage and the forecasted yearly sales, then monthly (you will work on this information in another part… you simply paste the results here. It is a summary.). Ps. By looking at what sector you fall under you can then complete the search of the laws that govern this sector from part 1… good to know when you are researching and analysing.

Section four is the commercialisation plan. This is when you think of the marketing strategies. What product and services will you offer? What are the benefits for your clients? Why are your products more of an advantage? What are your price politics? What are your distribution plans? What other plans do you have? What costs are involved. Set up a commercialisation calendar that puts steps by steps your plan into action for year one, then year two. What methods can you do yourself? What are the benefits and inconvenience? What can you outsource or use simbi?

Resource plan is the fifth section. What are your exploitation strategies? What is the process of your production? What is the capacity of your production, sales and service? Who holds up the human resources? What do you need for HR, how much does that cost? Material resources, who are your providers, the conditions, shipment details? What location are you planning to use? How will you set it up? What do you need to realise this task? What is your quality approach to your production? What insurances do you need or is required? Does your business have innovation? Set up a start up calendar. Do you require any training or do your employees need training? What about long term development or your business? Any plans?

The final part is the one I like the least yet it is important… the financial plan. How much will your project cost? What are your provisional results? What is your cash register budget? What are the flux? Have you analysed the ratios? What are the running funds, immobilisation… external and internal financing? What are your liquidity needs? How much money do you require to start? What is your production capacity? What are your costs? How much will you ask?... You want to set up a one year and a two year financial plan.


Hope that helps. Some provinces and states offer services at little costs to set up a business plan. In Quebec, they have a course “Lancement d’une entreprise” which costs around 100$ and you get the knowledge on how to build a plan. There are many resources on the internet as well… Dig in one section at a time. You will see some of the information is portable between sections.

Training & Qualifications

I took a course on starting a business called "Lancement d'entreprise" which showed us step by step how to build a business plan. If I would have known this information before setting out on my first ventures, I would have saved lots of time, money and energy! So I share the knowledge with you.

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Well the information is here yet if you have questions I may be able to point you to the right direction...

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I can’t lie, I am curious! Does Simbi really work? Who is on Simbi? What can Simbi be used for? I am looking to exchange services, and learn. I also hope to inspire and help you with the offers ...

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**** Vacation alert! I will be away from Simbi until September 2018 . It is time to focus, learn and create! I wish you an incredible time! **** Hello friend on Simbi! My name is Kimberly Anne S...t-Laurent or Kim if you prefer! Family is the most important aspect of my life. I am the spouse of an amazing man. We have been married for 10 years. We have been blessed with four children (they are under 9 years of age). I am currently a full-time student, completing my bachelor’s degree in Theology, at Laval university in Quebec. I am discerning if I shall continue to complete a master degree. I am involved in my faith. I volunteer with the chaplaincy at a local medium security penitentiary. I also am on different comities in the diocese and help with sacramental preparation in my parish. I enjoy being active and I have a competitive spirit! I enjoy martial arts. I currently am learning Karate and wrestling. In the past, I have done jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. I also am preparing to run my third triathlon. I love public speaking, teaching and performing! I had a great interest in the human mind, human potential and success since an early age. I have been studying the field of personal development to becoming a strategist, hypnotist, breakthrough specialist and coach for many years. I have had the privilege to learn from some of the greats such as Anthony Robbins (indirectly), Dr. Cleo Madanes, Dr. Mike Mandel and many more. I am a lifelong learner seeking to be at the cutting edge of the industry. I am playful, charming, compassionate, competitive and curious. show more

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