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yankee cLampin is very similar to glamping except it's actually camping but also awesome.

we {me & my partner with you & your friends} meet in Portland, ME & hit the road!
you & friends have your own tents & sleeping bags {once i get supplies ill be offering full service set-up including tent & accrouts maybe a small camper}

we'll take you to the best spots (food, view, etc) on our way to the best camping spot(s) on the east coast & the best restaurants in proximity to them. i have a proper camp kitchen & pantry, at least half the meals will be sourced/wildcrafted locally & cooked at camp. you do not have to spend the entire day at camp but please let us know what your plans are so we can accommodate, i can also assist with planning day trips.

what it is not ~ white fabric temporary tents & king feather beds, champagne in glasses, RVs
what it is ~ a real tent that may get rained on {although we try to plan for weather} but is super clean & comfy for camping {i use REI tents} , fair trade fresh ground hot coffee {drinking at camp is not allowed but what you sneak in your cup is not my business, please keep it courteous to others}

please be puppy friendly, i have pups they come with.

{please let me know if you have any food allergies. i can plan for pesc, paleo & gluten free meals at camp but not vegetarian or vegan.}

you are responsible for
* bringing items on your camping list {which i will provide} things like a tent, sleeping bag, long pants, long socks, bug spray, a flashlight for each person etc.
* $ for your own meals & drinks when not at camp {dinners usually run $100 per couple for dinner & $25 per couple for breakfast} donations are welcome to contribute to camp dinners
* your own transportation, you do not need 4 wheel drive {for most trips}
* paying for your site ahead of time {sites usually run no more than $25 night, all refund policies are specific to the camp}

we will provide
*a full bug-out box (emergency kit)
* all kitchen supplies including coolers & ice (real plates!)
* camp lights & laterns
* chairs (feel free to bring one if you have one)
* firekit
* screenhouse & tarps
{hammocks coming soon}

activities i offer
sustainable seaside wildcrafting ~ periwinkle picking, kelly trapping, fishing, crabbing, clamming , sea pickle picking, seaweeds for salad
woodside wildcrafting & instruction ~ usnea picking & tincure making, edible berries, edible ferns, wild greens, mushroom foraging, smoking with fruit woods
be a good scout ~ learn to build a proper fire, tie knots, identify poisonous plant, identify invasive insects(for reporting to wildlife officials), disease prevention

Training & Qualifications

30+ years experience
longest camping stint - 6 months
anywhere from PEI to Asheville hopefully extending to Atlanta
{although i would like to start with short camp trips 3 hours driving to camp max}
junior naturalist for life

Availability & Preferences

dependent on the availability of spots & weather permitting, also your preferences for locale

i have no idea what the trade would be for this, it's just something i've wanted to do for years. if you're interested send me a proposal :)

if you're interested in cLamping but not sleeping at camp, just mention it & i'd be happy to recommend local rustic AirBnBs for overnight accommodations.

basic wifi is available at some locations

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of k

KJ received Help with Ideas to improve Simbi from k
Aug 11, 2016
Received a great, very thoughtful idea on how to improve Simbi. Very grateful, and look forward to working with K more in the future!
Marci received Help with Business logo creation assistance from k
Jul 21, 2016
K was amazing to work with. She managed to create some incredible visual design elements that blew me to the moon!
Neftali provided Help with Language training for k
Jun 28, 2016
Thanks for the opportunity :)
Maddie received Unit of tea consult from k
Jun 20, 2016
K was super useful and thorough with their tea recommendations! I have quite a few new websites and blends to check out, now!


Joseph La Chance wrote a recommendation for k leaff
Jun 13, 2016

Ms. Leaff is a true talent. Always the best.

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k's other services

Maine Vacation Planning
touka koukan!!!

Maine Vacation Planning

Cooking classes or just dinner
touka koukan!!!

Cooking classes or just dinner

tea consult
touka koukan!!!

tea consult

k's requests

k is requesting
I need your plants!
wild edible plants, wild berry bushes, medicinals & native flowers. flowering shrub & fruit tree starters. maybe you... have a front lawn full of edibles like chamomile, sorrel and purslane that you are just moving down? have tons of grapes growing on your property but never use them? you have an amasing woods with tons of usnea lichen just falling off the trees during a storm? you cultivate cuttings of lilacs, roses, bougainvillea & wisteria from your garden? you live in tundra & have access to cloudberries & low blueberries? you have a small farm & need a web consultant or branding specialist? you grow reishi & shitake mushrooms? you grow house plants? i need your plants! i would prefer to barter for services i will pay in simbi for any shipping {unless the shipping is higher, let's chat}

touka koukan!!!
k is requesting
artists for game design
game designers for casual games isometric, bg, fg & texture makers chibi light or dark pop cute, subversive, avant garde, silly, fun please only respond if you have an artist portfolio you do not need to be a digital artist or know how to program 60/hr freelance + future esop opportunities for contract designers

touka koukan!!!

About k leaff

designer ~ i love to design & play with colours ... i love bringing dreams to life passion projects are my passion! i work in the virtual world & travel whenever possible. technomad ~ i was on the... road full time up until last summer, currently taking some time to hub it up {put my stuff somewhere i also sleep} im super happy in my new hideaway but i can't wait to get back on the road part time or maybe finally build my tiny house near the beach. i love pretty places bg ~ i started as a UX consultant 15 years ago. i have 10+ years of interactive design experience. for the past two years i have been creating & designing casual game concepts. etc ~ i love to yoga, paint, crochet, garden, cook, make medicine & drink tea out of tiny cups. i'm super excited about simbi & community economy! i am always trying to design for farmers in exchange for local food :) show more

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