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Videotape trasfer to digital


10 per unit - - Posted Oct 10, 2016

1 unit = 1 tape.

With what video technology I have acquired over the years, I will do everything in my ability to transfer your memories from unstable analog signals recorded on a magnetic medium to something digital and slightly more stable. As of right now, I am limited to MiniDV, VHS and super VHS, but in the near future I should be fine with betamax, 8mm/Hi8, and even micromv. I do ask that the tapes at least be playable as I am still new to repairing tapes, but if it plays, it will transfer without question. Be sure to let me know if you would prefer the output on DVD or through a more online medium (dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, etc.)

Whatever video signal I use runs through a time base correction circuit to provide a more stable picture (less jiggle and more manageable head switching noise). Perfection is difficult but coming close is easier than many like to believe.

Training & Qualifications

As far as video goes, I can say that I am a bit more than just a bit experienced. I have spent almost two decades perfecting my skills with analog and digital video, from dubbing between VCRs to edit crude skits in the early 2000s to manually repairing said tapes in post production in a more digital era and other skills that entail the required steps. I would not call myself a prodigy, but I do have some tricks up my sleve (not at all limited to video equipment most would only see in studios of years past).

Availability & Preferences

In the late hours of most given days.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!


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About Jim Adams

A/V geek with almost two decades experience transferring 6 MHz signals to whatever medium would take it and store it. Name a video trick, I have probably pulled it off in some form or another. Magneti...c media, optical media, less magnetic magnetic media, I have seen it all, I have used it all, I have probably broken it all. I know my way around all sorts of video media. Camcorders with strange little editing things, a VCR with a titler, command line video scripts, even mario paint. I have worked a number of what some may call small miracles with mundane and even (what some regard as) amateur attempts at "tools". It is all the same to me, a method to complete a task which should be a lot simpler than many try to make it. It is fascinating enough to make varying levels of magnetic charge look like a memory plucked right out of somebody's mind, but to make these moving windows into the past sing and dance how you see fit is just something entirely different. I do not claim at all to be an artist, I just create visions in the least exciting way possible with whatever technology can handle it. In the most literal way possible, video is what you make it. Something to remember, something to set a mood. Ever it be something to forget, the media does not lie. Your brain can cloud, video will preserve its integrity. Okay, I never said I was a poet, I spent my time on the technical side of things. Just so we are clear, Jim is a pseudonym I use to hide from certain people. Nothing more elaborate, just keeping my personal life safe from the grind of public interactions (and the negative things that may entail).show more

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