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Jason is requesting

Dental work

- - Posted May 10, 2016

I am looking for dental work in exchange for hypnosis services. I am professional, certified consulting hypnotist, and I own and operate Happy Hypnosis LLC in North Portland/Gresham.

I offer a wide range of hypnosis services, so just contact me with what you would like to work on, and I will give you an honest answer in regards to my ability to help. If I cant help directly, I can likely refer you to someone who can.

Needed dental work: I need to clean, fill, and replace cheap veneers on some teeth. I would also love to get old amalgam fillings removed and replaced with safer materials.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions regarding hypnosis. I offer free consultations.

You can read more about *some* of the items I offer at my website:

I also offer "exploratory" hypnosis, which is an umbrella term for interesting phenomenon that can occur while in a state of hypnosis, such as past-life regression, abduction/experiencer phenomenon, genetic memory, astral projection/remote viewing, enhancement or release of psychic ability, etc. These deep hypnotic services can often be more affecting or satisfying to the people seeking them than most other modalities of self-exploration and healing/understanding past events.

If you now someone who can offer dental services and would like to trade skills/resources, let me know. I can do online sessions via SKYPE, house or office visits, or at my home office by appointment.

Thank you for considering!


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About Jason Simmons

I am a professional consulting hypnotist. I am the operating co-owner of Happy Hypnosis LLC, which provides live, online, one-on-one hypnosis via SKYPE. I work with people on a large range of issues a...nd goals. I particularly enjoy helping people become free of long-term fears and life-blocks, and exploring the "weird" stuff, such as past-life regression and alien abduction phenomenon. I am a father, armchair political analyst, amateur author, entrepreneur, gold prospector, and researcher of various interesting topics. The current political, ecological, and economic/financial realities have created a massive stress epidemic in our contemporary society. People read about the problems we collectively share, and become overwhelmed. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a drug-free way to quietly disconnect from the non-stop flow of bad news, internally accept our reality, and reframe our perspective of it so that we see the positive aspects, and the steps towards creating more positive aspects to look forward to? Hypnosis can do just that, and provide a quick, effective medium to "hack" our "hard drives" and "overwrite" or replace those old, stubborn, negative programs with new, positive ones. show more

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